Dogs and jeans out of fashion in Iran (1 Viewer)


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This year they are out in greater force than ever, with 70,000 police officers on fashion duty in Tehran alone.

The annual crackdown has traditionally targeted women, but men are being included this year – they have been banned from sporting neck chains and their hairstyles are also under police scrutiny.

Permissible "Islamic" haircuts for men allow a dab of gel, but pony-tails and a spiked style known locally as the "rooster" are taboo.

Even so, Iranian men have it easier than the women. Men do not have to cover themselves head to toe and can wear short-sleeved shirts, although shorts are still outlawed.

Men flouting the dress code are usually hauled off to the barber or home to change.

Women caught flashing a bit of ankle, wearing a dash of make-up or pushing back their mandatory headscarves too far get a lecture on Islamic clothing and values.

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LOL. Like this comes as a surprise. Local convenience store run by Paki's showed their "Islamic" value some time back. Ran in to get cigs. Top down on car was driving so grabbed my dog and "carried" her in for my 1 minute transaction. Told by one of the muds not to ever bring her back in store. Told him " Don't worry, I'll never come in this fucking store again."

Apparently not only person these fools pissed off. 3 months later, store closed, out of business.

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