Israelis Protest at African Immigration


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Dozens south Tel Aviv's residents gathered at the Hatikva neighborhood on Monday to protest what they referred to as the State's failure to address the flow of African migrants to the area.

Some protestors said the refugees "chase our daughters," while others called the Africans "beasts" and claimed they "spread diseases, drink and steal."

"Today a refugee stole the purse of an elderly woman I take care of," neighborhood activist Pnina Cohen said. "They walk around in robes with nothing underneath and chase our daughters. This is a war we must wage, or else we'll lose our home."

Gidi Aharoni from the Kfar Shalem neighborhood said, "They spread disease and mingle with our children; they drink and steal. Those who say I'm racist can go to hell in their black-free buildings and neighborhoods."


They want White American and European countries full of them, but they want to keep them out of Israel at all costs. I wonder why.