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ben johnson

I run a blog regarding serial killers and their symbiotic relationship with the media, the blog originally started as a thesis, but has gone from strength to strength since and now covers around twenty cases of interest.
My newest article is on the Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger who killed in Austria, Czech Republic and Los Angeles. He was actually a murderer who was released on parole and became a very famous journalist before being arrested for several more murders.
It is an absolutely fascinating case, with an ending that any Hollywood producer would be proud of, yet, until yesterday, I was totally unaware of the entire case.
You can find my blog at www.redinkletters.wordpress.com and read the article. I would love to know what you all think of this case, as it really blew my mind. There are also links to the website of Unterweger's biographer, and a three part documentary which is unmissable.


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