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watched this last night.

was touching to hear she goes to the victims gravestones often and apologizes to them. and even though she say she feel deep guilt she goes to their graves every year.

i hope she will someday be able to heal from what her son did


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That was powerful and painfully honest. Amazing courage, she's a strong woman. Everyone has lost in this, no one came away whole. I can't imagine how to live with being the parents, siblings of kids/ppl who carry out such horrible, shocking things like this. The guilt must be so very heavy. My goodness...


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I missed this so thank you for posting. Its raw and real and heart breaking. She was left here to endure ALL the pain her child created that day. My heart breaks for her.


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And she's not the only one to endure the guilt, hurt and pain. Unfortunately since Columbine, school massacres as well as other public venues have risen dramatically. That leaves many many parents and loved ones to face whatever society lays at their feet. Something the perpetrators of these crimes couldn't face themselves. Heartbreaking all the way around...


the mother isnt blame free, shes hiding something...

No she isn't.. She just didn't think her son would go kill a bunch of people. Man, if parents, especially mothers, thought their teenage kids were gonna turn into psycho killers, they'd all go insane. Teenagers aren't really stable.. I know I wasn't. I got into fights, got into a police chase in my car, wrapped it around a pole, ran like 3 miles before a K9 attacked me and fucked me up, got drunk and drove more times than I remember..never remembering how or when I got home, arrested, court, all that.. and my parents did what they could, but they can't stop you from doing what you are going to do, they will always think you are their little lovable child, and it's just a phase. Most of the time it is a phase, but sometimes, without anyone knowing, it turns into something more than that. I headbutted the woman police officer at my highschool and broke her nose, I almost got 4 fucking years tried as an adult at two days over 17 years old, you think my parents were expecting that shit? Most of the time I was the nicest kid ever, but I took some acid and went to school and shed tried grabbing me up shoving her hands in my pocket and stuff.. trust me, parents can't imagine what teenage kids do.


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ive watched their pre-killing vids, they both lived at home with their parents, i dont beleive that there were no alarm bells...