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    Jan 20 2024

    "Russian President Vladimir Putin falsely claimed that Russia supports the “unconditional equality” and “sovereignty” of all states in a January 20 letter to the Non-Aligned Movement Summit, contradicting Russia’s official position on its war in Ukraine and its wider imperial ambitions. Putin claimed that Russia rejects “neocolonialist ambitions, double standards, as well as forceful pressure, dictatorship, and blackmail as a means of achieving foreign policy and foreign economic goals.”

    Russian officials have routinely denied Ukraine’s sovereignty and refused to treat it as an equal. The Kremlin rejects Ukrainian statehood and nationhood by incorporating Ukraine into the ideological and geographic conception of the Russian World (Russkiy Mir), which includes any Russian speakers and ”carriers of Russian history and culture“ as “compatriots“ and includes all of the former territories of Kyivan Rus, the Kingdom of Muscovy, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the contemporary Russian Federation.”

    Russia uses the framework of “Russkiy Mir” to justify Russian imperialist expansion and the subjugation of independent, sovereign states and their peoples within a pseudo-cultural and historical context. Russian officials have routinely justified the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by claiming that Russia aims to protect its “compatriots” abroad, again rejecting Ukraine‘s sovereignty.

    Russia also continues to trivialize the sovereignty of other post-Soviet countries and has been setting information conditions to escalate tensions in the Baltics and Moldova under the guise of protecting its “compatriots” abroad.

    Russia has been in violation of its own commitments to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and “inviolability of borders” and its agreement to center relations with Ukraine on ”non-use of force or threat of force” and “non-interference in internal affairs” undertaken in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum since its initial invasion in 2014.

    Putin's false claims that Russia respects “equality” and “sovereignty” are likely intended to cater to states that the Kremlin desires to pull into its wider sphere of influence, much as it initially intended to do with Ukraine before the initial 2014 invasion."

    Institute for the Study of War
    Nov 28 2023

    Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated a two-part conception of Russian identity in a speech on November 28: a “Russian nation” – claimed to include Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians – at the center of Russian identity; and a wider “Russian world” including other non-East Slavic ethnicities in both modern Russia and the former territory of the Soviet Union and Russian Empire.

    Putin made a lengthy speech on Russian identity at the World Russian People’s Council on November 28. Putin reiterated his previous false claims that the “Russian nation” and people are composed of ethnic Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians who were artificially and violently divided via policy miscalculations during and after the fall of the Soviet Union, arguing Russia (the state) should unify this “Russian nation.”

    Putin defined the concept of the Russkiy Mir as a union of people who feel a spiritual connection to the “Motherland,” consider themselves to be native Russian speakers, and are carriers of Russian history and culture regardless of their national or religious affiliation. Putin, however, pointed out that there cannot be Russia (as a state) or the Russkiy Mir without ethnic Russians and implied that current Russian citizens and “all other peoples who have lived and are living in [Russia]” make up Russia.

    Putin geographically defined the Russkiy Mir as the Ancient Rus’ (Kyivan Rus), the Kingdom of Muscovy, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the contemporary Russian Federation, indicating that the Kremlin’s concept likely also includes “Russian compatriots” in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

    Putin also expanded his definition of “Western Russophobia” to include claimed aggression against other ethnicities such as Tatars, Chechens, Yakuts, and Buryats, in addition to ethnic Russians.

    Putin also called on Russian federal subjects to strengthen and protect Russia’s cultural and religious diversity. Putin previously outlined similar definitions of “ethnically Russian people” in his “Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians” essay in July 2021.

    Putin’s November 28 speech draws a clear distinction between Putin’s vision of the Russian nation as a “triune people“ composed of Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians, while other regional identities in Russia make up Russia as a country and shared “Russian world.“

    Putin’s articulation of a Russian nation (including Ukrainians and dominated by Moscow) reiterates longstanding Kremlin justifications for its invasion of Ukraine and aggression toward its neighbors, and Putin’s claim that “western Russophobia” affects all the ethnicities in the Russian state is likely intended to rally support among Russian citizens who are not ethnically Russian for Putin’s war.

    Institute for the Study of War

    *I'm not able to add all of the sources of info used by the ISW due to some being the Kremlin's site and some Tass articles, neither of which I can access as they appear blocked by viewers in my country.

    **As folks can see, there is more going on, and nothing to do with "nazis", than most of us know. It is a very complicated orchestration of a military that doesn't seem to want people to know what is really behind the Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

    ***Some will refute all of this, and the ISW itself - a US-based independent think tank, as propaganda and misinformation meant to discredit Russia. It's really impossible to know (although we can guess and base various opinions according to what we already think) unless sitting at the Kremlin or having very close and reliable sources.


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    Russia - like all former Great Empires - hungers to relive the glory days of it's past. Great Britain (and England on it's own), France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey - they all had their heyday and are now living in the shadow of their past exploits, triumphs, and terrors. Some of these populations are content to let bygones be bygones, but some hunger for that which they have lost. And from that mindset, you get absolute tyrant wannabes, like Bojo, Musolinni, and now Putin. What these leaders now claim as their Manifest Right to take back what once was theirs empowers them to become belligerent assclowns of the highest order. And they should be put down (figuritively or literally) whenever they appear - for the betterment of global society as a whole.

    Nations come and go - history has shown us this. And for the most part, this is for the betterment of our society. Humanity endures.

    America is due to fall into that category as a former Great Power, as it is torn with stupid social agendas, political bickering, and a rising longing to "Make itself Great again" - Trump is a wannabe dictator - but lacks the one thing that Putin has: believeable menace. And that potential for menace is the only reason Putin has not been exclusively dealt with. Because when backed up against the wall, he could opt for a Nuclear Winter as a farewell "Final Fuck You"...


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    Fake news from ISW again... :trump:

    Anyway a thousand times Putin than this WEF faggot, go Putin, Milei, Trump!