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Needs legs required. Maybe go to spastic Olympics
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nobody besides you has the slightest clue what youre talking about mate

That could have gone so much worse

Let me explain

Pride is evil.. is kinda the root of all evil ..the reason why the devil didn't wanted to bow down for the first human created Adam peace be upon him

It all started when this fella decided not to believe in God... because of his disbelieve God didn't guide him so he was perfect for the accursed devils and make no mistake there are many of them

Then this fella was just a tool for the accursed devils without him knowing anything about him being a tool

So whatever happens to him is because of his ownself look at him showing of his power off whatever he does for money and fame...

Then calamity hits him and got payed in equity meaning that this man somewhere in his miserable life conflicted the same damage to someone that was caused upon him by Allah swt the creator so also the chooser of all outcomes

That's the way of Allah swt a way which you will find no change in it

And all the accursed devils get angry when I speak