1. SicMonster666

    Accident leaves baby & man splattered on the road

    From Thailand, 3/10/2019, happened in the Saraburi province of central Thailand. Northeast of Bangkok. A 26 y/o man & a 7 month old baby were killed when they were both run over by a semi truck.
  2. Mental Puppy

    Drug dealer paid a debt

    Manaus or formaly known as Barra do Rio Negro on 20th April 2018, 23 year old car washer, Alfeson Martins de Jesus was murdered. Alfeson's neighbours called the police after hearing shouting and gunshots. When the police arrived, they found Alfeson dead, in a hammock. A neighbour states that he...
  3. SicMonster666

    Steamroller crush

    A 62-year-old Thai man crushed by a steamroller. No clue how he did this too himself. Dumb luck maybe.
  4. SicMonster666

    Corpse of a man found dumped with half his face blown away

    At about 6:30 in the morning, the local residents of Samide, west of Maracaibo, Venezuela, found the body of young man. Half his face had been blown away by a shotgun blast at close range. The victim has not been identified yet. He was wearing blue shorts with two red stripes and a Futbol Club...
  5. SicMonster666

    Corpse of a man tied to a tree

    A man between the ages of 25 to 30 years old was found tortured, bound & tied to a tree with a message wrapped to his body. The man whose identity is still unknown, showed signs of torture and multiple bullet wounds to his face.
  6. High-Grade

    Naked drugged out dude's bad trip to a cafe...

  7. Nex

    Thai man killed by hit and Run

    January 24th, 2016 40 year old man was struck by a truck that fled the scene. Still under investigation.
  8. Nex

    Head in a box

    January 17th, 2016 Porto Alegre, Brazil A man was beheaded than placed in a cardboard box and left in the street. Almost at the same time, the body was located in another neighborhood wrapped in a blanket nearly 3 miles away (5km) from where the head was found It was determined that they are...
  9. Nex

    Just another day in Rio

    January 20th, 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Police were called in the early morning hours yesterday upon the discovery of this man decapitated in the street of the Potunduva district of Rio.
  10. Nex

    Man beats father in law and dragged behind car

    Said to have occurred December 24th, 2015 Navirari, Brazil A 56 year old man was beaten, than dragged 3 kilometers and left in the middle of the road. Police believe he was bound, and beaten unconscious than tied to the back of the car by his son in law (30 years old) who later confessed to...
  11. Nex

    Train caught him

    January 3rd, 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  12. Dr. Gauner

    Body Found Burned

    A body, probably a man, was found totally charred on the morning of September 14 2015, Belo Jardim. According to information the body will be sent to the Forensic Medical Institute (IML)where the victim must be identified by DNA testing.