The worst games you've ever played


Angel of Death
Short Bussed
I still have Perfect Dark. I liked it but wasn't great at it. Having a blast paying Road Rash 64 on the emulator, though it's way too short.
I thought PD was the bomb! When we'd play 4 player 007 there was always the 'cheating' asshole that played as Odd Job!
I think the story was much more interesting. Having two different alien races and all their weapons was so much cooler.


Angel of Death
Short Bussed
I gotta play it again, I don't remember most of it.
Getting a ROM as we speak! xD

Speaking of which, it's my understanding that ROMs are actually completely legal if you've purchased a copy of the game IRL...

Are you guys under the same consensus?


Post the worst games you've recently played! (or ever played).
Rome total War 2 - See above. Wow Sega, you really fucking suck the life out of everything you touch.
There's a 'Total Realism Mod' for 'Rome 2' available. I haven't tested it yet, but it's from the same developers, which made the same mod for 'Rome 1'.
I'll buy 'Rome 2' next time and give it a try.!&s=1e308bbf8a348acc09cd176dd77efece


Sick, Sad World
Dear Esther, is a hipster(sorry indie) game about some friend-zoned guy running around a lonely island having inner monologues, then he kills himself.
At least they could have included some stalking cannibal sheep farmer out to kill the player or something to make the game interesting, the caves were nice to look at though.
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Mass Effect 3 was so god damn boring and awful that I just stopped playing it altogether after the fourth main mission. The new characters and squadmates were totally unnecessary, the whole game felt rushed and poorly developed, the graphics looked so dated. I've never finished the game because how unorganised it was and I was going through a "I'm bored with video-games now" phase, and after looking at footage of the new DLC and later portions of the game that I never got to play on Youtube, I'm glad I did abandoned it. The ending was so bad that it overshadowed all the other issues that made it a bad game; generic music, generic enemies, generic squadmates, generic new ship crews, and just a boring repetitive game. This guy says it best.


don't care how many documentary's they make on Artari's ET as worst game ever.
foe me it was by far Mike Ditka's NFL football for Sega i believe. Man that was really a disgrace to put something like that on a shelve.
This game! Played it a couple of years ago, its a game and its about 20 minutes long.
And thats 20 minutes of my life I will never get back! What a crappy ass game!

im playing atm
battlefield 4
arma 2 and 3
call of duty black ops 2
garrys mod
left 4 dead
sniper elite zombies

god I need a life lol