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New Thai airline recruits ‘third-sex’ flight attendants

The president of Thai airline PC Air has announced a plan to hire transsexuals as cabin crew in what he describes as a pioneering move. He went on to forecast that other airlines could soon follow his lead.
Thai carrier PC Air has also recruited six transsexual flight attendants, and chairman Peter Chan said that recruitment by a believe in equal rights would continue. He said that many of the “third sex” had a dream to become flight attendants, and he made their dream come true.
The Southeast Asian nation of Thailand has one of the largest populations of transsexuals in the world, and surgeons in the country have pioneered sex change procedures for those who choose to go under the knife.
However, it is not a requirement of the airlines for the flight attendants to have undergone a sex change, but simply to meet the job criteria including language and service requirements.
Chan said that when it came to their dream job or a job they love, they could do it even better. He went on to say that society has changed and added that he was a pioneer and that other organisations would soon follow suit.
Over 100 transsexuals applied for the first round of jobs, including winner of the 2007 Miss Tiffany beauty pageant Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn. Thanyarat said that she believed that at first it was merely just a publicity stunt, but was delighted to have been chosen.
PC Air is not currently in operation but hopes to be offering charter flights by April across Asia.


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