White Woman Pulls Gun On Black Lady After Almost Running Over Her Daughter (1 Viewer)

Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
Here's the other side of the story you bullshitting motherfucker.

Thank you @Grand Mal Caesar 😃
Here's a new video before shit went haywire.

Haw!!!! Just as I thought the burrheads were harrasing the white girl.

Mr. Mayhem

Into the damning well...you all go.
Haw!!!! Just as I thought the burrheads were harrasing the white girl.

This is what happens when the media jumps to conclusions
and doesn't get the entire story, especially the part where the lady
threatened to assault the husband. Anyway, I doubt the new video
will help the couple as they're already up shit's creek in charges. People
these days are quick to blame and point fingers when they have little
or not enough evidence backing their claims.


I really don't gv a Flyin Fuck who was responsible! I just wanted to see some Violence and Ass Kicking Peeps! Lmfao...SP


All the Police would do is arrest the black woman
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