1. Lovinight

    Hundreds of migrant families to be flown to San Diego from Texas

    Hundreds of detainees from immigration agency facilities in Texas and elsewhere will be flown to San Diego for processing, it was reported Friday, as authorities struggle to handle an influx of migrants entering the country. Three flights a week carrying about 130 people a flight would arrive in...
  2. msr

    School Shooting plot in Orange County

    2 STUDENTS IN CUSTODY AFTER ALLEGED SHOOTING PLOT UNCOVERED Email KARMA ALLEN Updated 1 hr 36 mins ago Police in Southern California have detained two 16-year-old high school students for allegedly planning a mass school shooting they bragged would be "bigger than Columbine," police said...
  3. Dr. Gauner

    Merchant Executed

    A 51-year-old merchant was murdered on September 20, 2015 in Santa Cruz. Various monitoring cameras installed on site are helping the police to identify the criminal who fled after committing the crime. According to reports the victim was driving a Toyota Hilux pickup truck when he encountered...