1. Maleficent

    accident ~His Day Can't Get Any Worst Than That~

    Translated from russian article : Hard shots of a terrible accident on the Moscow Ring Road: a taxi demolished a car standing on an emergency gang. The driver caught fire along with the car. Information about the victim is specified. Emergency services are on site..
  2. Monkman777

    disaster Car Service With A Side Of Fire

  3. Monkman777

    disaster Car Crushed By Concrete

  4. Maleficent

    accident ~Guy Taking A Piss Hit By A Car~

    :Happy: Thailand:
  5. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dude landed on the fucking roof !!

  6. Monkman777

    bizarre What An Idiot

  7. Monkman777

    disaster Trying To Stop Wifey From leaving

  8. Donkeyd

    bizarre Coolest man on the internet

  9. Maleficent

    bizarre She'd Make A Good Reporter

  10. Jessica Fletcher

    Bike rear ended.

  11. NotAgentSmith

    CCTV footage of the vehicle ramming attack (Brownsville, Texas)

    7 dead after car runs into pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas, alleged driver arrested Seven people are dead in Brownsville, Texas, after a car ran into pedestrians Sunday morning. The crash occurred at 8:30 a.m. near the Ozanam Center in Brownsville, a representative from the Brownsville...
  12. Donkeyd

    accident *child warning!* Girl hit by car. Driver or parents fault?

  13. Lord Gutsy

    accident Another Dumbass Filming Tik Tok Video

  14. NotAgentSmith

    accident Speeding driver kills innocent road user in collision at intersection (Hamilton, Ontario)

    MacNab St. North and Barton St. East, Hamilton, Ontario A man has been killed and another was rushed to hospital after a serious collision in Hamilton last night (April 25). Hamilton Police say officers were called to the intersection of Barton St. East and MacNab St. North shortly after 9:00...
  15. Monkman777

    disaster Where'd My Car Go

  16. Monkman777

    bizarre You're Blocking The Road

  17. Monkman777

    disaster Demolition Accomplished Including Vehicle

  18. Monkman777

    disaster Just Giving It Some Juice

  19. Monkman777

    accident Just Floating Down The River

  20. DeathHand

    War Ukrainian Woman's Head Blown Off (2022)

    Bucha, Ukraine, April 6, 2022 While trying to fleeing the Russian shelling in Donetsk, a couple drove from the direction of Vorzel and then drove thru Bucha. Once passing through the Russian occupied Bucha and being just at the entrance/exit to it, their car, with Donetsk plates, was fired on...
  21. Xploit Machine

    accident Woman In Opel Hit By Train

    Woman In Opel Hit By Train Location - Serbia
  22. Maven

    accident Idiot driver smacks cart pusher

  23. Maleficent

    accident Unlucky Day For This Walker

  24. Monkman777

    disaster There Goes The Classic Car

  25. Maleficent

    accident Pay Attention When Crossing

  26. Monkman777

    disaster He Needs To Leave ASAP

  27. Maleficent

    accident ~Motorcyclist Crash Caught On Dashcam~

  28. Donkeyd

    fights There's a fantastic story behind this

    But I haven't got a clue what it could be. My guess is his wife is playing away...
  29. AdaBull

    Avoided train-car collision

    By Leede (Belgium). Woman wants to cross a train passage closed for maintenance purposes. 4 train pass per hour. They had to block the railway to avoid a collision. No gore but extremely annoying.
  30. Monkman777

    4 Chargers Gone In Under A Minute

  31. Donkeyd

    animals Crash of the year already

  32. Dave Retard

    accident Car crash with truck after goes out of control

  33. Dave Retard

    accident Car crash with truck

  34. Monkman777

    animals Snake On A Ride

  35. Monkman777

    disaster Angry Wife Takes Revenge On Husband's Car

  36. Monkman777

    disaster Sandal Wearing Guy Road Rage

  37. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre rough day in china

  38. Maven

    bizarre Instant drive thru

  39. Maven

    accident Poor judgement

  40. Monkman777

    animals Black Ice

  41. Maleficent

    accident Enjoying Dinner With The Family

  42. Maven

    bizarre Out of nowhere

  43. Maven

    accident Self parking car

  44. Monkman777

    disaster Pay Up Or Give It Up

  45. Maven

    accident Forgot about the right

  46. Monkman777

    bizarre Interesting Way To Keep Warm

    Natural wood burning heat. Hopefully, he don't blow up anytime soon.
  47. Maven

    bizarre Gun it Bubba!!

  48. Monkman777

    disaster So Much For The Test Drive

  49. Monkman777

    bizarre Cool Car

  50. Monkman777

    disaster Very Close Call