1. DeathHand

    S. Sudan Cargo Plane Crash

    A Russian made Antonov-12 B turbo prop cargo plane carrying cargo and passengers crashed just after take-off. Dozens of passengers were killed, including the crew. Atleast 3 people (an elderly woman, a young man and an infant baby) survived the crash. The full news story is HERE in the World...
  2. Nex

    Bus vs car aftermath

    November 3rd, 2015 Russia
  3. _Xtina_

    cutaneous Nocardiosis from untreated infections

    Farmer- India A 27-year-old woman presented with a 3-year-history of a slowly growing mass on the calcaneus and plantar regions of her right foot, which exhibited erythematous nodules, cutaneous sinuses, exudate and black grains, with no pain or constitutional symptoms (Fig. 1A, B). She...
  4. Nex

    Woman trapped in burning car

  5. Celtic Lad

    Carlos Junior Killed on Couch

    Carlos Alberto de Souza Júnior age 23 shot dead - reports indicate 2 shooters arrived on a motorbike. Neighbors report this is a home that was used by drug users - they heard gunshots and Carlos Junior was found dead inside with multiple bullet holes in his head and chest - still reclining on a...
  6. Celtic Lad

    Young Crook Carlos Kills himself escaping

    20 yr old Carlos and his 19 yr old accomplice had been involved in armed robberies (armed with a toy gun)... They were fleeing at high speed on a motorbike - but Carlos was unable to take a corner and hit a wall at high speed cracking open his crash helmet - and killing himself instantly. His...
  7. snatch

    more cartel overkill

  8. Nex

    6 People burn alive in their car

    Vladikazkav, Russia
  9. snatch

    a car and a foot. murderers.

    jealous xhusband follows xwife and runs her and her supposed new lover down then stomps them to be certain they are dead. the wife survived. lover did not.
  10. Andrew Newman

    Supercars Crash Compilation

    When Rich People Do Stupid Things ^^
  11. Dr. Gauner

    Head-On Collision Between Bus and Car

    On September 22, 2015 a crash between a passenger vehicle and a bus left one dead and eight injured. The car's driver attempted an overtaking when it collided head-on with the bus. The driver of the car died instantly. The bus was full of passengers at the time of the collision and 8 of them...
  12. G

    Politically engaged car knocks down an innocent girl (Donetsk, 'New Russia')

    The thing is: a girl has been unhurt in all those bloody events in and around Donetsk but was killed by a drunk driver on the car decorated with the highly pro-Russian 'George ribbon'! What a cruel fate!
  13. DeathHand

    Car Lands In Pond

    The pics go back a few years but I haven't seen them on the boards. They show the wreck of a Lada, whose driver lost control and the car flipped into a roadside pond upside down. All three occupants drowned. One photo shows 4 bodies laid out on the side of the road - the press release stated 3...
  14. Venom

    Mexican drug cartel leader Shot

    I'll do the translation later, basically there asking who he is, and what he does, I expected more from the video, especially with the black bag in the background, guy got off easy, was hoping for some outstanding torture :(
  15. Nex

    Wooden Carving Is Twice As Old As The Pyramids

    A mysterious wooden statue, extracted from a peat bog in Eastern Russia in the 19th century, has been dated back 11,000 years by a team of German scientists this week, making what was already the world’s oldest wooden carving even older. The idol was carbon dated in 1997, which indicated it was...
  16. DeathHand

    24 Story Jumper Hits Car

    This man took a suicide jump from the 24th floor of a hotel and landed on a parked car below. I wonder if car insurance would cover the damage? Penang, Maylasia, November 14, 2013. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  17. DeathHand

    Car Bomb Sipping Tea

    I was following this recent car bombing, looking for some nice nasty gore photos, when I came across these two images of the same incident. Five people were killed in the car bombing and one of the dead was this dude who was sitting at what looks like a sidewalk cafe when, it appears, that a...
  18. K

    Drug Cartel Salad

    I think it's French dressing they're using.
  19. Andrew Newman

    Car Crashes Into Pole

  20. DeathHand

    4 Dead Men In Car

    Four males found dead in an abandoned car. São Caetano, Brazil, June 12, 2015 1. 2. No idea what's in that guy's pants... 3. 4.
  21. Venom

    Video of a dead tortured cartel member

    There just mocking him
  22. holyblacksun

    Car crashed frontal into a bus & leaves 6 PPL dead in Manaus [Brazil]

    An accident involving a car and a bus on Wednesday [July 22, 2015] resulted in the deaths of six people. According to information from the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection of Traffic (Manaustrans), the collision occurred in Margarita Avenue, North Zone of Manaus - AM, around...
  23. holyblacksun

    Car crashed frontal into a bus & leaves 6 PPL dead in Manaus July 22, 2015 [Brazil]

    An accident involving a car and a bus on Wednesday [July 22, 2015] resulted in the deaths of six people. According to information from the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection of Traffic (Manaustrans), the collision occurred in Margarita Avenue, North Zone of Manaus - AM, around...
  24. K

    Vintage Car Crashes

  25. SicMonster666

    cartels New Video Los Zetas behead 3 Gulf Cartel members

    New video showing the beheading of 3 Gulf cartel members by Los Zetas in retaliation for the beheading of several members of them by the Gulf Cartel that came out last week. Here we go again, many more video's to come.
  26. wino

    reduced to carbon

    cause she's clearly a woman driver
  27. D.O.A.

    9/11 United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui Trial Exhibits

    Exhibit Number Description P200011 Photograph taken on September 11, 2001, of a human body part located at the intersection of Albany and West Streets in Manhattan Exhibit Number Description P200012 Photograph taken on September 11, 2001, of human body parts located on West Street in...
  28. D.O.A.

    This is why you don't hang your arm out a car window

    ..when it rolls over.
  29. K

    Woman's Face Mangled Severely In Car Accident

    Jeez Louise!
  30. D.O.A.

    A woman who had her leg crushed by a car

    Brazil, she was hit by a car and had her leg between that and a wall.
  31. D.O.A.

    Group of people burned to death in a car

    Not sure what happened.
  32. Celtic Lad

    Carlos the Farmer

    42 Yr old Carlos was a farmer who had a second career. He had a history of gun crime and was part of a family who were allegedly involved in shootings. Carlos' truck was found just off-road with the side window shot out. Carlos appears to have tried to make a run for it but was gunned down. He...
  33. DeathsDoor

    Careful when crossing the track

    This bloke wasn't.
  34. KingSlayer

    Cartel Hanged One From a Bridge

    A rival cartel member was brutally killed. They strung him from a bridge to set an example that nobody fucks with them. Fuck with us and end up as a city ornament.
  35. O

    car crash

  36. Pibe Gore

    46 year old man dies in car accident

    More from Thailand...
  37. DeathHand

    Bicycle vs Car Head On

    The driver of the car was found to have been intoxicated. The woman lived long enough to arrive at the nearest hospital - her hubby didnèt make it past the windshield of the car. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The look, perhaps, of unknown impending doom in their not so far away future...
  38. DeathsDoor

    Car Slams Into Cyclists

    Three men were killed and six others injured when a car rammed into a group of cyclists on the Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai highway in Chiang Mai’s Doi Saket district on Sunday morning, police said. Pol Maj Suriyan Chansai, an investigator at Doi Saket police station, said the incident occurred at...
  39. DeathHand

    Two Buses & One Car

    This crash involved two buses and an SUV. The SUV ended up in the water after making contact with one of the buses, and went off a bridge. The two buses ended up collided head on. Death toll: 39. Butiama, Tanzania, Sept. 5, 2014 Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11...
  40. DeathsDoor

    Car vs Truck

    Travelling at speed and hitting a truck isn't the best way of stopping your vehicle. One person dead. The other is only just in the land of the living.
  41. D.O.A.

    Arm degloved after struck by a car

    I'd be like "thank fuck it's not my jerking off hand at least"
  42. DeathsDoor

    Car vs Tree

    This is what happens when you drive fast and and roll roof first into a tree.
  43. DeathsDoor

    18 Wheeler vs Car

    The woman was just leaving the airport when the accident happened.
  44. holyblacksun

    Murdered biker in Caruaru [Brazil] April 4, 2015

    This was most likely a machete homicide because of the clean and deep cuts. April 4, 2015
  45. D.O.A.

    Acardiac twin

    The acardiac twin is a parasitic twin that fails to develop a head, arms and a heart. The parasitic twin, little more than a torso with or without legs, receives its blood supply from the host twin by means of an umbilical cord-like structure (which often only has 2 blood vessels, instead of 3)...