1. ZeroK

    bizarre Cop Caught Sexually Abusing A Suspect

  2. 11aa11

    accident President Zelenskiy tests latest and all domestic build, ultra high tech, high pressure cannon

    After money pipeline almost completely stopped (of robbing Western taxpayers of their money, so at least 95% of it can be most blatantly expropriated and stolen by Zelenskiy gang), president of Ukraine still believes in total victory. And even had personally participated in the latest high tech...
  3. lovestruck

    City of Los Angeles using informant's as fake homeless to get more city federal funding to further fuel there corruption.

    Investigator documents city corruption to fuel further money for crony counsel members by using informant's disguised as homeless people.
  4. Sarka

    bizarre Dude shoots himself...

    ...after accusations of corruption by a deputy.
  5. Vwj

    So America what’s happening here?

    What do you think the findings will be on the 23rd, not guilty?
  6. 92.eth

    Ex-Ukraine MP’s wife stuffed $28 million in suitcases as she fled to Hungary

    If you donated money to Ukrainian relief, how this make you feel? MARCH 21, 2022 | Money Control The wife of a former Ukrainian MP tried cross over into Hungary carrying $28 million dollars and 1.3 million in euros, according to recent reports. Photos, purportedly of her luggage, shared on...