1. Punisher_1

    Crime Covid cult member freaks out

    We are starting to see these fucktards all over the place they need to just stay home and order their shit and not infect people with the "crazy illness" they have
  2. W

    bizarre *Child Warning* ~Woman Gives Birth In Front Of Hospital~

    :wtf: China~ She didn't have a COVID test report and wasn't allowed inside the Hospital.
  3. 92.eth

    Boston University develops new COVID strain with 80% lethality, raising ethical questions about the research

    And they tested it on mice this time imagine that October 17 2022 | Rebels News
  4. 92.eth

    UN Warns Of 'Worrying And Dangerous' Conspiracy Theories

    Yeah I will believe in a conspiracy theory that I made up in my mind on a trip on some high power before I believe anything in the news only boomers actually pay attention to news anyway August 7th 2022 | Zero Hedge Full article...
  5. D.O.A.

    Peak covid retard

  6. Brainfart

    Goriwa bouncer chokes and face plants guy for not wearing a mask

    The caption with vid said he died later in hospital. Deadly!!!
  7. Blood_Sport

    Czech Folk Singer Catches Covid On Purpose.... Dies Days Later

    She was told she could gain a Recovery Pass Exemption that would allow her to go to venues without having the vaccination
  8. icefire32

    China records new COVID cases, immediately blames others