1. SicMonster666

    Woman raped tortured & beheaded

    From Brazil, a 20yo woman was kidnapped, raped, tortured, beheaded & finally buried in a shallow grave in a secluded wooded area. An anonymous caller informed the police on where they could find the woman's body & one of the men involved in the crime. Police later found the man and he was...
  2. Hel

    Norwegian prisoner portraits

    These images depict people from the city of Drammen and the surrounding area, who were incarcerated at Hokksund Prison(no longer in operation) in the mid 19th century. Name: Ole "Musketer" Jørgensen Date: 1869 Place: Drammen Crime: Drunkenness and disorderly conduct Name: Berthe Hellene...
  3. DeathHand

    10 Dead ~ Bank Robbery

    Shortly before 9am the staff at a bank arrived to set up shop and start their busy day. What they didn't know when they entered the bank was that there were armed men waiting for them. 9am, opening time, came and went and a line up had already gathered at the front door. One of those waiting in...
  4. DeathHand

    Lagos: 2 Dead Women

    The bodies of these two young women were found dumped in the same ditch, prompting locals to fear that a serial killer might be on the loose. Some are speculating that it might be the work of cultists. The police haven't commented yet on the murder of these two women: no suspects, no motive/s...