1. Lord Gutsy

    accident Factory Worker Fell To His Death

    Foreman, age 45, made a mistake and stepped on galvanized steel. Slipped and fell into wastewater treatment pond Head hits steel and dies tragically At 1:30 a.m. on June 14, Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanchai Namkanisorn, Inspector (Investigation), Muang Rayong Police Station. We were notified...
  2. Lord Gutsy

    accident Fell out the bus and got crushed

  3. Lord Gutsy

    accident What a lucky fucking guy

    St. Petersburg electrician survived after a powerful electric shock while working on a power transmission tower. The video captured the flash and fall of the man, who was hanging from a rope and lost consciousness. The victim escaped with burns.
  4. Lord Gutsy

    Crime His robbing days are over

  5. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Robbery denied

  6. Lord Gutsy

    accident Pakis zapping the fuck out

    Mofizur Rahman Palash, Commissioner of Darussalam Zone of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, said, 'This accident happened around 5:30 pm today. In the Royal City area, workers raised iron and three others were seriously injured. Some parts of the body of the injured have been burnt,' he said...
  7. Lord Gutsy

    accident Just enjoying a walk

  8. Lord Gutsy

    beatings Chink knocked her the fuck out

    China - dude knocks out his gf
  9. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink walking outside

    China - stay in the kitchen where it's safe
  10. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Horrible neighbor

    China - hoping he beats her to death soon
  11. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dude taking a piss and got zapped

  12. Lord Gutsy

    accident Workers fell to their death

    In Ufa, a construction lift fell from the 9th floor with people - three people died There were a total of four workers in the cradle. Two people died immediately, the third died in intensive care. Another builder is in critical condition in intensive care, and doctors are now fighting for his...
  13. Lord Gutsy

    accident Repairing tyre

  14. Lord Gutsy

    accident Fell under truck and got her head crushed

    China - dude lost his wife
  15. Lord Gutsy

    animals Bull fucked them up

  16. Lord Gutsy

    animals Shepherd took down chinky

  17. Lord Gutsy

    beatings Woman beaten to death with plank

  18. Lord Gutsy

    accident Couple enjoying the ride

  19. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Chink trying to burn it all down

  20. Lord Gutsy

    accident Paki mowed the fuck down

  21. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dude sent flying

  22. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chinks at the waterfall

  23. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Stabbing his ex

  24. Lord Gutsy

    beatings Lethal kick to the head

    In a tragic incident that has shocked the Cartago community, a man lost his life days after receiving a strong kick while waiting in line at a local bakery. The identity of the victim has not yet been revealed, but his story is heartbreaking. The fateful meeting occurred last Saturday in Lima...
  25. Lord Gutsy

    accident She had too many drinks at the party

  26. Lord Gutsy

    accident Goddamn....went bowling on these curry munchers

  27. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chinks drowned while hiking

  28. Lord Gutsy

    accident Woman pulled into machinery

  29. Lord Gutsy

    accident Worker crushed on the job

  30. Lord Gutsy

    accident 3wheeler full of bricks

  31. Lord Gutsy

    fights Woman goes after her husband's new gf

  32. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Chink going with the wind

  33. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Dude getting haircut

  34. Lord Gutsy

    accident Biker slams into security truck

  35. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Damn...she made up her mind

  36. Lord Gutsy

    accident Poor fucker Crushed under Crane

  37. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink crushed under truck

  38. Lord Gutsy

    fights There's only so much a man can take

  39. Lord Gutsy

    accident Bus fucked up the police

  40. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre It was his time to go

  41. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dude lost his head while riding jet ski

    Jet skiing in Bashkortostan ended in a Final Destination-style tragedy. A 55-year-old man was racing along the river, did not notice the pontoon bridge and ran into the cable at high speed. He lost his head from the blow and died on the spot.
  42. Lord Gutsy

    accident Tractor got him

  43. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink got fucked up on the job

  44. Lord Gutsy

    accident Crashing his atv

  45. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Curry muncher got robbed by two women

  46. Lord Gutsy

    disaster That's some strong winds

  47. Lord Gutsy

    accident This dude has the worst fucking luck

  48. Lord Gutsy

    accident Paki running across

  49. Lord Gutsy

    accident Not the best day at work for this guy

  50. Lord Gutsy

    Warning:Children Drove over little dude

    Indonesia A 2.5 year old toddler with the initials YKA died after being hit and run over by his neighbor's Fortuner car, on Saturday (25/5/2024), at the T-junction in the Quality Riverside Housing Park, Krian Village, Sidoarjo. Hanif, the local chairman of RT 29 RW 06, said that the incident...