1. WickedMal

    Crime ~Haitian Guy Hacked Up~

    Dominican Republic: Haitian guy hacked up
  2. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Woman Hacked Up By Bf~

    Dominican Republic 🩸🩸
  3. WickedMal

    bizarre How They Play Pool In Thailand

  4. Monkman777

    disaster Fingers Hacked Punishment

  5. Lord Gutsy

    beatings how they deal with thieves in colombia

    According to the information circulating, the video was recorded in Santander, in the Quilichao area. What can be seen in the video is how a large number of people surround a thief who finds himself with both hands seriously injured, with cuts that almost cut off his entire hands.
  6. kesha13

    GTA VI Hacked by Teenage Autist

    Posting in underground because the videos are being taken down everywhere you look. So, an autistic 18 year old called Arion Kurtaj (AKA White, Breachbase and now teapotuberhacker) is being named as the alleged 'brains' behind the Uber hack last week, and GTA6 hack a few days ago. If the claims...