1. Donkeyd

    bizarre We've all done it!

  2. Donkeyd

    Leslie Nielsen and his fart machine

    Used with great effect
  3. wiggins

    Snippets of Live Leak

    I am unsure if any of you out there have seen any of the 'Snippets of Live Leak' but I found the hillarious. Made by an Australian guy I think they are the funniest things I've ever seen. I could only find one of them after LL had shut down but include it here for your entertainment, If...
  4. Brainfart

    Russia moon lander

  5. Brainfart


  6. Brainfart

    The vaccinated

    A shout out to the vaxtards on GG... You know who you are😂😂😂
  7. Brainfart

    Hand caught in pint glass

  8. Brainfart

    Birds and the bees...

  9. Brainfart

    Just go down already

  10. Brainfart

    You can't talk about gay people

  11. Brainfart

    Knockout guitar work

  12. Brainfart

    Interview with a Transgender swimmer

  13. Brainfart

    Funny News mistake

  14. Brainfart

    Drinking on the job

  15. Brainfart

    Australian Pm Rocking out

  16. Brainfart

    Black dood doesn't know the art of using chi...

  17. Brainfart

    Kid doesn't like Lady Biden's yabbering...

  18. Brainfart

    Getting launched with a spray can and a lighter

  19. Brainfart

    You can't park that there

  20. Brainfart

    Hidden camera experiment proves most humans are sheep...

  21. Brainfart

    Brainfart's Viral Megathread

    Check out her lungs in the second vid...Fucking aweful...
  22. Brainfart

    Does this fat no chin four eyed fuck prove the existence of God?

  23. G

    The Crab Is The Starsign for Cancer, Right?

    This will probably mean fuck all to anyone who's never read Viz.
  24. Gorgutz

    Fat Albert's Kwanzaa special