1. Nobbler

    bizarre Instant karma for your life style boi.

  2. Punisher_1

    Two men one cup

    Paris France. Look how nasty these people are this is an active business and they are just peeing here but this guy sets up shop for a sweet "man lemonade" stand.
  3. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Insane Man Starts Shooting People Randomly~

    A person who went insane in Silivri shot at random in the middle of the street, seriously injuring 3 people, one of whom was a woman, besides the children. It happened in Silivri Alibey Neighborhood. Allegedly, the person named Murat O., who was insane, started shooting randomly. The man with a...
  4. JayZee

    Crime DARRELL BROOKS TRIAL: Waukesha Parade Massacre - Courtroom INSANITY! 🤯😬😵‍💫

    If you haven't seen any of the courtroom antics this greezy psychopath has been causing - YOU HAVE TO! Brooks is acting as his own counsel as he attempts to defends himself againat 6 life sentences for the murders he committed by running his truck through a community parade in Wisconsin in...
  5. JayZee


    Some drugged out nutfucker having a very heated argument with someone (at least I think someone was on the other end of that call) about something. This is a block away from my apartment in NYC. Not sure if those are scabs or KS lesions all over his body - but they are gross regardless. He is...