1. Dirl

    beatings Citizens Beat Up A Migrant

    Irish vigilantes and concerned citizens beat up a migrant who had allegedly attempted to kidnap a woman's child from a department store.
  2. Ginjabread man

    bizarre Pot Explosion

  3. Cobh

    beatings Don't Rob his van

  4. Cold Ethyl

    Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old bog body

    Archaeologists from the Police Service of Northern Ireland have uncovered a 2,000 to 2,500-year-old bog body in Northern Ireland. Authorities were alerted to human remains on the surface of peatland in Bellaghy, resulting in the Archaeological Unit within the Police Service of Northern Irelandā€™s...
  5. Jessica Fletcher. šŸ³

    bizarre Cycle/On Fire Path.

    It was assumed to be an electric fault and nobody was injured.
  6. Dirl

    Serious "Get Them Out" Riots In Dublin After School Stabbing
  7. Cobh

    Crime Chaos in Dublin

    A refugee has stabbed a number of people in Dublin city centre today, 23/11/23, including a 5 year old. Riots on the street are ongoing.
  8. Donkeyd

    beatings Friends in Bangor

  9. Cobh

    Crime Aftermath of stabbing in Mayfield, Cork.

    Only a brief video of a dude cut up
  10. Cobh

    bizarre Funny - Traveller call-out videos

    A couple of traveller call out videos and a chase.. if ye need something to laugh at
  11. Cobh

    Guns Fueding Travellers - House shot at

    Traveller shoots at rival families house in Cork, Ireland.
  12. Donkeyd

    beatings Read the signs!

    Comical in the end
  13. Punisher_1

    Ireland - woman is mobbed by illegals

    Sorry no other details or context.
  14. B

    Proposed Irish law against Hate speech

    Ireland On Verge Of Criminalizing Speech, Thought Crimes in many countries legislation is being put forth to silence opposition. This is just another example. GG is a bastion of free speech in world. There is debate and shit talked but in the end when you dislike a person's view you have a...
  15. Cobh

    Men with slash hooks talk it out

    In Cork, Ireland 2 hard men with slash hooks end up doing nothing It's a shit video to be honest but here anyway.
  16. Cobh

    Choked out outside the courthouse

    In Cork, Ireland Man gets put to sleep outside the courthouse.
  17. Cobh

    Raped by refugees

    In Pearse Street, Dublin. A muddle aged man was raped by 5 refugees. I think Ireland will soon end up like England.
  18. Cobh

    Crime Drunk guy evades police

    A possible drunk driver in Ireland evades gardaĆ­ with nice parking.
  19. Cobh

    Travellers in Rathkeale

    Fueding traveller families ram cars and chase each other with machetes in Rathkeale, Ireland.
  20. Cobh

    beatings 2 members of An Garda SĆ­ochĆ”na beat by drunks on a night out

    Shit video filmed on snapchat but funny nonetheless. 2 members of the Irish police force beaten.
  21. Donkeyd

    Serious Gas explosion in house next to petrol station

    Leaves 10 dead in Ireland link
  22. Cobh

    fights Woman instigates a fight

    No info at all. Maybe a traveller and her sons? Just received in on WhatsApp and it made me laugh. Thought I'd share. Theres a Dublin reg on the car so might be there or its surroundings. Durty scum anyway.
  23. Cobh

    fights Junkies attack hospital security

    Mercy Hospital, Cork City Not sure what is going on, they seem drunk or on something. That bald nurse though.
  24. Cobh

    bizarre "Ukrainian" refugees in Ireland

    200,000 refugees coming, which is 4% of the republics population. Wonder how many like these will arrive.
  25. Cobh

    beatings Attacked with sickles

    In Cork, Ireland. No backstory but seeing the other videos he's a lucky boy luck of the Irish