1. DokraOwl

    Serious Israel Is Bombing Iran
  2. Sarka

    War Israeli bulldozer ran over one of the Palestinian prisoners who was arrested in the Zeitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza today

  3. Bethy šŸ”„

    Warning:Children Dead Palestine Children

  4. Punisher_1

    Random Israel war vids

    Solid gun fight Take note some Palestinian fags tried some shit in Florida and got slapped we are not New York Some trash has blown up against the White House fence Leftist lies from a few years back... no wars under Trump but Biden is riding the wave to WW3 There is a load of whoop ass...
  5. Punisher_1

    disaster Firefight and large strike on gaza

  6. Punisher_1

    disaster The illusion of security your Police and Military provide is a joke

    Simply HAMAS just rolled in largely unopposed and Israel defenses I would think are significantly higher than the USA. The only difference is that Average joe citizen with a carry permit of gun owner could do something. Clearly Isreal fucked up by limiting firearm ownership to it;s population...
  7. Vwj


    Is that it? A counter offensive of a couple of rockets? What you guy reckon? Over or getting ready?
  8. Punisher_1

    War Death to Palestine - HAMAS

    This will offend and I don't care. In the world of good and evil, we know the Islamos are evil in large part. So time to fire up the tanks and roll them the fuck right into the ocean.
  9. Cold Ethyl

    Israeli Archaeologists Find Enigmatic 2,500-year-old Burials in the Desert

    Israeli archaeologists have been left scratching their heads over the discovery of a large tomb containing dozens of skeletons, many of them women, who were buried more than 2,500 years ago in the midst of the Negev desert, at an ancient crossroad far from any known settlements at the time. The...