1. WickedMal

    fights ~Peru - Thief Brutally Beaten By Mob~

  2. Donkeyd

    fights Takanakuy: Resolving conflicts

    In the town of Chumbivilcas, near Cuzco in Peru, a unique annual celebration called Takanakuy takes place on December 25th. This ancient tradition, inherited from the pre-hispanic Chanka culture, serves as a way for community members to resolve conflicts and start the new year with a clean...
  3. ZeroK

    Guns Does This Deserve A Yellow Card

  4. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Robber got fucked up by store owner

    I'm just glad the dog wasn't hurt.
  5. Cold Ethyl

    1,400-year-old mural of 2-faced men unearthed in Peru may allude to 'cosmic realms'

    1,400-year-old mural of 2-faced men unearthed in Peru may allude to 'cosmic realms' Two murals of two-faced men holding unusual treasures — including a goblet that hummingbirds are drinking from, a detail that may allude to sacrifice and "cosmic realms" — were recently discovered at the...
  6. ZeroK

    disaster Peruvians Out Running Death

  7. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre rapper shot in the back while filming video

    The National Police managed to capture Carlos Jesús Solano Erazo, 26, alias "Placa Placa", who ran up and shot Gabriel Edwar Ceralta Flores "Getardo" in the back of his neck.
  8. Donkeyd

    Serious Peru airlines crashes into firetruck

    All survived. What's he doing there!?
  9. Cold Ethyl

    Mysterious mummy found in tomb in Peru with hands covering its face

    A mummy, fully bound in ropes and with its hands covering its face, has been discovered in an underground tomb in Peru. Archaeologists from the National University of San Marcos found the mummy in good condition in Cajamarquilla, a significant site 15.5 miles inland from the coastal city and...