1. RolyKD

    Fear of god when a white cop pulls a gun

    Jeez whats he so scared about. Not like hes white 😑🤔 theyd of asked us 100 more times which can be really annoying 😣
  2. Firegoddess420

    Pranking the police in Mexico

    I truly believe if he would of allowed him (cop) to drive them he and his friend would've never made it to the border.. they would of been murdered.. and they have no idea what they were getting in to lol or what was about to take place now that was a close call if I ever saw one .. OMG GO GO...
  3. msr

    New Activity for Black People--Mall Flash Mob Fights--Links at Bottom

    Aurora police evacuated the Aurora mall Monday afternoon following several fights that spilled into surrounding parking lots and mirrored scuffles occurring nearly simultaneously in malls nationwide. Police spokesman Chris Amsler said detectives so far have no evidence that the fights in Aurora...
  4. msr

    Charlotte N C riots start after black man shot by police

    http://videos.usatoday.net/Brightcove2/29906170001/2016/09/29906170001_5134690211001_5134690927001.mp4 Protesters (and agitators) block I85, break into trucks, start fires on highway, throw things from overpass onto cars, bust front doors at Wal Mart. etc etc etc.