1. Nobbler

    Crime Police Shoot Knife Man.

  2. Nobbler

    bizarre Traffic Warden VS Police UK.

  3. Nobbler

    Crime Kick him in the balls mate.

  4. Bethy 🔥

    Police Tasing Death Of Atlanta Man

    On Wednesday, the Atlanta Police Department released bodycam video from the August tasing death of Johnny Hollman, an Atlanta church deacon who had been involved in a traffic accident
  5. Lord Gutsy

    Police Police took him out

  6. Nick Cage

    Expert Cartel Sicarios Assassinate Police Authority at His Favorite Coffee Shop

    Quickly try and guess whos gonna shoot the guy in the hat as he walks up to the store...:brainhurts: Top notch work:trump:
  7. Lord Gutsy

    Police Time to make use of this shotgun

  8. Monkman777

    animals Taunting A Policedog

  9. vaga

    Aussie TikToker at pro-Palestine rally, confused for a Jew

    These rally's are full of idiots with nothing intelligent to say, so dumb behavior is expected, but I was surprised how the police treated him after he asked for assistance.
  10. Tawman

    bizarre Most wholesome Japan experience

    Me and who?
  11. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Dude chinking the fuck out

  12. WickedMal

    Police Woman Shot By Police After She Tried To Evade

    On October 3, 2023, at about 4:45 a.m., a Las Cruces police officer made contact with 45-year-old Teresa Gomez, along with a passenger, 38-year-old Jesus Garcia, in her vehicle, near the 1300 block of Burley Court. The Eight Year Veteran Officer asked Gomez to step out of the car so he could ask...
  13. vaga

    fights Abdul shows the police how to do it

    Birmingham UK. These coppers look even worse than the Met, which is impressive.
  14. D.O.A.

    beatings The butterfly effect

  15. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink said fuck the police

  16. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink fighting with the police

  17. Monkman777

    Crime Attempted Kidnapping

  18. Punisher_1

    Crime What a shitty arrest

  19. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Naked chink trying to enter bus

  20. Monkman777

    Police Police...Am I A Joke To You

  21. Monkman777

    accident Grandma Fleeing Accident Scene

    Palm Coast, Fl... Guy tries to stop 76 year granny but she took off with him on a ride on the hood.
  22. disciples3

    Police Male Karen has outburst at airport before being tased by police

  23. WickedMal

    Police ~Suspect Shot After Approaching Officers With Fake Gun in Lakeville Massachusetts ~

    :death: Lakeville, Massachusetts — On Friday, September 29, 2023, at around 3:45 a.m., a Lakeville Police officer was monitoring traffic near the intersection of Precinct Street and Pickens Street when he was approached by 45-year-old Timothy Hladik, of Lakeville. Lakeville police said Hladik...
  24. WickedMal

    Crime ~'Crime Gordinho' is shot dead by plainclothes police officer after trying to rob lottery house~

    :ko: A criminal known only as "Fatty Crime" died after an exchange of gunfire with a plainclothes police officer on the morning of last Friday (22). He was preparing to rob a lottery house in Jardim das Imbuias, South Zone of São Paulo. According to police, around 8 a.m. Gordinho and the...
  25. Punisher_1

    Crime One man rampage no one does shit

    Last week a woman supposedly stole a bottle of alcohol from Kroger, Employee tells the cops and she is shot and killed (along with her unborn child) trying to drive off at 2 mph. Sambo here destroys property and a car in excess of 100K and they don't do shit.
  26. frederykruysch

    bizarre Darla is mad so she falls through her screen door

  27. Phatman

    beatings He wished he swallowed.

  28. Monkman777

    Crime Off Duty Sergeant Shot Dead

  29. girl101

    Police One hell of a police shoot out

    This is one hell of a police shoot out. This guy decided to play bumper cars with the police.
  30. vaga

    Police Philly DA release body cam from fatal shooting of Eddie Irizarry

    District Attorney Larry Krasner on Friday announced the arrest of Philadelphia Police Officer Mark Dial for his role in the fatal shooting of Eddie Irizarry in August. https://phillyda.org/news/ppd-officer-charged-with-murder-for-fatal-vehicle-stop-of-eddie-irizarry/ Footage shows the shooting...
  31. WickedMal

    Crime ~ Woman Is Murdered in Governor Archer; victim leaves a son ~

    September 7 Holiday Tragedy: Woman Is Murdered in Governor Archer; victim leaves a son of 01 year and 08 months The holiday of the Independence of Brazil, celebrated on September 7, was marked by a tragedy in the quiet town of Governador Archer, located 326 kilometers from the capital São Luís...
  32. Brother Birt

    Police Pulled his gun on the cops and they rolled him up.

    Dog got a bite, too.
  33. Sgt.Stupid

    Police Furious Cat

  34. girl101

    Warning:Children You stupid motherfucker

    You stupid motherfucker
  35. girl101

    bizarre Bizarre chase and arest

  36. Sarka

    Police 40 people fired at and threw stones at seven policemen

    In Buryatia, Russia - 40 people fired on and threw stones at seven police officers who came to detain them for illegal mining of jade. The incident occurred 26. 07. 2023 in the area of the Ospinsky deposit in the Okinsky district of the republic. The security service of a local company mining...
  37. Sgt.Stupid

    Police Lovely Daughter

  38. The Praetorian

    bizarre Indian loses his shit at airport, hits cop and gets taken down.

    I dont really have any other context but some of the shit coming out of his mouth is hilarious
  39. Monkman777

    Police Police Rammed Idiot Car

    Atlanta, GA...
  40. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Suicide Victim's Brother Cuts Own Finger Off In Protest Of Police Investigation~

    :shrug: Satara Latest News: In the suicide case of Nandkumar Nanaware and his wife in Falatan, his brother Dhananjay Nanaware has taken an extreme step as the police investigation is not going fast. A video of Nandkumar Nanavare's brother cutting off his own finger and sending it to the Home...
  41. WickedMal

    beatings ~Man Beats Old Lady With Umbrella~

    :facepalm: A 60-year-old man was seen attacking an 85-year-old woman with an umbrella. A woman named Kalkibai Gameti died in this attack. The video was shot by passers-by, two of whom were minors. He did nothing to save this old lady. Police have detained four people in connection with this...
  42. MajorScoreKaj

    Police Woman Brings Pipe To A Gunfight🤣

    if you want to see where everything happened go to 1:40 PD POV
  43. DeathfromAbove101

    Police Axe wielder that broke into residential home gets blasted

    Man breaks into a house and rummages through the owner/s vehicle and is confronted by police who then approaches with an axe and isn't able to axe them a question.
  44. DeathfromAbove101

    Police Police kill pedophile threatening to kill wife

    The police were called to the residents initially after the 7 year old told a teacher about the sexual abuse that was done to her by the stepfather, said teacher then got law enforcement involved. First contact they had with police didn't have a lot happen after they had left, the pedophile who...
  45. Grand Mal Caesar

    Crime Easiest burglar catch ever. Straight to the bin from a bin.

  46. Monkman777

    accident Thought He Could Run Off

  47. Brother Birt

    Police Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

    Guy attempts suicide by cop but ends up with a nasty leg wound instead. Brought his fucking airsoft gun out.
  48. WickedMal

    Crime Guy Tried To Kill Ex Girlfriend & Got Shot By Cop

    City Police personnel were patrolling the streets of Saavedra when they heard the screams of a woman asking for help because her life was in danger: her ex-partner threatened her with a firearm and shot her twice. One of the uniformed men quickly got out of the truck and called out, but since...
  49. vaga

    French Police Kill Unarmed Driver

    Second night of protests and riots underway. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/06/28/world/europe/france-police-shooting-paris-nanterre.html Video of the shooting. Paris tonight.