1. Monkman777

    disaster Pranks Gone Wrong

    Idiots filling fuel canister with water and dousing it on random folks car almost ends up getting shot.
  2. Donkeyd

    bizarre Top draw prank on child

    This is one of the cruelest pranks ever....but so well done and utterly hilarious!
  3. Blood_Sport

    Russian Flag Up The Arse Crack ~ The Bloodhound Gang

    They could see into the future.. but not far enough to know that they would be attacked and beaten up at the airport after being kicked out of the country :lol:
  4. Brainfart

    Girl tricked into thinking she fisted a horse ass

  5. Purp

    A Laxative Prank Too Far?

    It's a long video but worth watching. It had me retching when they see the state of the house.
  6. Bloody Kisses

    Japanese Pranks are stupid, but hilarious.