1. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Working together to take down stab psycho

  2. Lord Gutsy

    beatings A rare sight...chinks actual helping woman being hammered by psycho ex

  3. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre psycho slitting his throat while taking a stroll

    A foreign man was found dead with slash marks on the sidewalk of a premises in Muar, Malaysia. The 46-year-old man was found unconscious before being confirmed dead at hospital. A Muar police commissioner confirmed: "The result of a closed circuit camera (CCTV) check at a nearby premises found...
  4. Cold Ethyl

    Man Accused of Using Blowtorch on Tot’s Genitals, Smothering and Beating Him to Death

    A Wyoming man pleaded guilty Wednesday to second degree murder and child abuse in the death of his ex-girlfriend’s toddler son last year. Wyatt Lamb initially pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and 10 counts of child abuse relating to the death of 2-year-old Athian Rivera. The boy’s...
  5. Psycholollipop

    Jack the ripper victims and locations

    First post and apologies if it has been here before! Went on a Jack the Ripper tour n thought you might like these, enjoy fellow sickos 🤣❤ Part 1 (2 to follow)
  6. Cold Ethyl

    Georgia Mom Charged with Murder After She Allegedly Stabbed Her Kids to Death as House Burned

    A Georgia mom is behind bars after authorities allege she fatally stabbed three of her children during a house fire. According to a Paulding County Sheriff's Office news release, deputies and firefighters responded to a domestic disturbance and fire at a Rockmart, Ga., home on Friday night...
  7. H&K Lover

    Anyone got video?

    Apprently a Psycho did the shooting while doing the live stream so I’d like to know if anyone got the video
  8. Götterdämmerung

    The woman who mistook her husband for a bear.

    American Mark Harshbarger, on a hunting trip to Newfoundland Canada, was shot by his wife Mary Beth Harshbarger who claimed she thought she was shooting at a black bear. He and a guide had entered the bush to hoping to flush out a bear. He emerged alone at dusk, ahead of his guide, wearing dark...
  9. SweeneyTodd

    he slams 45lb weight on his face and pretends it was a accident.

    how he holds his ankle in pain 🤣
  10. msr

    Ten years ago in Norway 77 people were killed by one crazed man. He has aked for parole recently.

    Behring Breivik goes to court, Tuesday, after 10 years behind bars, claiming he is no longer a danger to society and attempting to get an early release from his 21-year sentence. The far right terrorist has shown no remorse since slaying 77 people in a bomb and gun massacre in 2011, and...