1. Monkman777

    beatings China Road Rage

  2. ZeroK

    fights Speed Beats Size

  3. DarkMind12

    68YO Man Punched & Robbed In The Bronx

  4. DarkMind12

    Black Man Tied To A Pole And Beaten Without Mercy

  5. slugz

    this is how you should chase your goals, dont give up

  6. Cobh

    Barefoot beating in Brazilian woods

    Barefoot beating in Brazilian woods This isn't a repost as far as I know
  7. ElPatron


    A negro is observed sucker punching and knocking out cold a fellow negro with one swoop which sounded like a coconut hitting the ground. The unsuspecting sub saharan is then seen knocked out near lifeless on the concrete. BTW not my tag!
  8. SmashYourHole

    Chimps fighting.

    Another small edit I did for you guys, enjoy.
  9. G

    YRYL: Bullied Man Wont Fight Back

    I found this on a Polish social media site last year. The bully is the one who posted it to his page, and very proud of himself he is too. But without a doubt, the thing that really pisses me off the most about this, is how Mohawk Man just sits there and takes it. Maybe he's a pacifist, so fair...
  10. Brainfart

    Ol' man punching bag

  11. G

    That'll Learn Him

    Must be a thief, paying back with added interest.
  12. james west

    tubby can't stay on her feet

  13. RolyKD

    Homewrecker gets punched up by hoe with titties out

    Why these people always falling over when trying to stomp heads šŸ˜­šŸ˜‚