1. Lord Gutsy

    accident Enjoying the ride

  2. WickedMal

    animals ~Her Last Horse Ride~

  3. WickedMal

    accident ~Egypt-Tragic Accident At Amusement Park~

    :facepalm: https://bnn.network/world/egypt/tragic-accident-at-amusement-park-in-alexandria-egypt-leaves-6-injured/
  4. WickedMal

    accident Man Flies Off Ride & Breaks Arm

    Uzbekistan :poison:
  5. Monkman777

    bizarre Looks Kinda Fun

  6. Lord Gutsy

    beatings Kicked his ride and found out

    A man was shot last night (01), at a gas station on Avenida Olívia Flores, Candeias neighborhood, in Vitória da Conquista. According to the police, the two were involved in a traffic accident moments before on another street in the neighborhood and ended up arguing at the gas station. One of...
  7. WickedMal

    accident ~Enjoying The Ride~

  8. Lord Gutsy

    accident enjoying his scooter ride

  9. Monkman777

    animals Camel Ride Fail

  10. DeathHand

    accident Legs Broken on Ride (China)

    A nice day on a ride in China until the rider on the far side hits the structure with his legs, smashing them below the knee and leaving them dangling... Vid:
  11. Maven

    bizarre Round & Round They Go

  12. Ginjabread man

    Coolest bull fighter in Mexico

    El Matador 😎
  13. Monkman777

    bizarre Going For Ride

  14. Lord Gutsy

    Warning:Children Tower Drop Ride Failure

  15. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dude Got Stuck In Fair Ride