1. Maleficent

    bizarre Myanmar Army Tortures And Uses A Civilian To Keep Their Bonfire Lit

  2. Monkman777

    beatings Torturing Some Bum

  3. Cold Ethyl

    Inventor of 'the most painful torture device' was the first victim of it

    Inventor of 'the most painful torture device' was the first victim of it However, there's absolutely nobody disputing that one of the most awful fates that could befall a person was to be locked inside the Brazen Bull, and ancient device used to torture and execute people. Created in the 6th...
  4. DeathHand

    beatings Guy Can't Stand Favela Punishment - Jumps into River

    This guy reportedly used fake money to buy some drugs and is going to receive favela punishment. They really whack him hard numerous times before he can't take it anymore and decides to bail by jumping into the river. Gang members followed him down the shore and eventually caught him. No word on...
  5. ZeroK

    beatings WW2 Torture

    Jap vs Allied Soldier
  6. Monkman777

    beatings Torture By Gang Members

  7. Lord Gutsy

    beatings he will never steal again

  8. DeathHand

    beatings Gang Breaks Arms & Legs ~ Brazil

    Source stated that the man's arms and legs were broken by gang enforcers for some misdeed. No word on what the guy did (which can only be a few things...) or the date, which I'm presuming is either late Nov or early Dec 2022. The compound fracturing of his lower legs musta hurt like a bitch...
  9. Metamorfosis

    beatings Members of the police arrested a 23-year-old man, accused, along with others, of kidnapping and torturing several people.

    In Santo Domingo Oeste, members of the police arrested a 23-year-old man, accused, along with others, of kidnapping and torturing several people in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos.Francis Ramírez Martínez, is being investigated by the authorities, for allegedly participating, along with...
  10. VileBreed

    Serial killer Why were the most sadistically depraved American serial killers all homosexuals?

    Recently finished watching Dahmer on Netflix and became interested in researching other American serial killers. What I have come to realize, at least based on my opinion and what I read so far is that the most sadistically depraved American serial killers were all homosexuals. With this being...
  11. Sgt.Stupid

    How to Tenderize Chinese Pig

    Proper Way to Use Baseball Bat
  12. ZeroK

    beatings Wiener Roast

  13. FrogOne

    Ukrainian War Criminals exposed

    by French News 'Le Monde'
  14. Sicksicle

    beatings Alleged Ukrainian drug dealer beaten by Russian militia (2016) Komunar Ukraine

    (The execution of this man is not in the video) The man videoed being mercilessly tortured by a Russian militant has been recognized by local residents who confirm that the man was Alexei F., a resident of Komunar (on the outskirts of Makiyivka) who, ironically, had himself supported the...
  15. MysteryTraveler

    Girl Dies in Electric Chair Audio (Fake, But Realistic)

    OK, boys, girls, and those who don't know what the fuck you are. I produced a special treat just for you. If you are interested girls, the electric chair, and especially girls in the electric chair, you might enjoy this VERY realistic audio of a girl being put to death in the electric chair. It...
  16. MysteryTraveler

    Audio Files

    How can I upload a file that is about 9 MB when the system says its too large?
  17. Nick Cage

    cartel torture all limbs broken with planks

    does anyone have the video? i know ive seen it on gg before he was hung by his arms on a wall and tried standing on broken legs then hung on broken arms nearly tearing off and i think they knocked him in the head to end it
  18. Nick Cage

    brutal taliban torture method

  19. MasochisticMommy

    Serious Animal Rapist. Just months ago, Prentiss Madden was living a seemingly successful life in South Florida that revolved around his popularity as a caring and charismatic veterinarian. On Friday, Madden sat in Miami federal court as a pariah — guilty...
  20. Swedish


    I didn't quiet know in what section to put this 'cus I'm sort of speechless.. “ coordinators and experts managed to take out a secret video archive, which was filmed in a number of FSIN institutions under the control of operatives from the M FSB department of Russia. This archive...
  21. Bumby

    Man tortured until he passes out

    Beaten and whipped
  22. Bumby

    Man tortured with whip

    Screams in pain
  23. jackloves8008s

    REAL David Park Ray's Transcript

    Transcript in Comments (had troubles posting, and wasn't accepted because of length) The following is a transcription of an advisory message that was tape recorded by David Parker Ray on July 23, 1993. He forced the victims, whilst being tied up, to listen to this sinister tape before being...
  24. Swedish

    2 People tortured with Knife

    No background info unfortunately.
  25. blackdog666

    War Unit 731

  26. Gored

    Russian Man Gets a Flogging

    He won't be able to lay down comfortably for a few weeks:whip:
  27. georgeporge59

    Forced to hold hot exhast pipe

    not seen this video here so i though id post it Forced to hold hot exhaust pipe
  28. R.A.C.I.S.T.

    Just read it.......!

  29. cadaver1

    The type of torture you would expect from 10 year olds

    Lemon torture of a junkie
  30. Burnt Öfferings

    Dundid Sumffin

    Classic African Torture
  31. BloodxDoll

    The murder of your dreams

    We almost all dreamed of a killer, or to torture someone, go crazy, explain yourself ! The more details, the more we like it !