1. cadaver1

    Cop dismembered with hacksaw

    Cop Dismembered With Handsaw
  2. cadaver1

    Come on baby light my fire

    Sunday classics: woman burned alive after killing BF
  3. cadaver1

    Kepp stabbing the fucker

    TORTURE: Rival Brutally Stabbed Hundreds of Times | theYNC
  4. cadaver1

    Blindfolded and beaten

    Blindfolded thief tortured by gang
  5. cadaver1

    Tongue and fingers removed

    Dude has his Tongue and Fingers Chopped off for Snitch | theYNC
  6. cadaver1

    Fingers chopped of with machete

    Fingers chopped off by machete (clean video with pics)
  7. cadaver1

    Nail board smacked across arse

    Nail Board Teaches a Naked Lesson
  8. cadaver1

    Theif getting off lightly

    Self justice in the woods
  9. cadaver1

    Burn him

    African Thief Burned Alive
  10. cadaver1

    African street justice

    Africans burn alive | theYNC
  11. cadaver1

    Best video from the favela in a while

    Gore vídeo, bandidos da Favela da Maré executam rivais.(R)
  12. cadaver1

    The type of torture you would expect from 10 year olds

    Lemon torture of a junkie
  13. cadaver1

    More primitive torture from Africa

    African swing torture These porch monkeys need to learn some new skills off of the Latin Americans.
  14. cadaver1

    Some 2018 classics

    The best classics of GORE 2018 | theYNC
  15. cadaver1

    Jigaboo gets Beaten, stonned and set on fire

    BRUTAL: Dude Beaten, Stoned THEN Set on Fire | theYNC
  16. cadaver1

    animals Torturing mice for fun

    Poor Mice Get Killed In Brutal Fashion By Chinese Future Serial Killer | theYNC
  17. cadaver1

    cartels These kids are the future of the cartel | Future sicarios - Crazy Shit!
  18. cadaver1

    Another nice dismembering
  19. cadaver1

    Punished for stealing
  20. cadaver1

    African witch hunt
  21. cadaver1

    Brutal murder | man was brutally murdered - Crazy Shit!
  22. cadaver1

    2 wankers stab pig to death

    2 Assholes Spray Paint a Pig then Murder it in a Barbaric Way | theYNC These arse holes got to much joy out of this.
  23. cadaver1

    Guy gets bashes with planks of wood
  24. cadaver1

    Gook tortures badger with fire

  25. cadaver1

    brutal machete attack | THIS IS THE MOST DISTURBING MACHETE ATTACK EVER POSTED - Crazy Shit!
  26. Ezrablake

    Claustrophilia: my gay necro torture porn novel

    Up for preorder now, officially released Halloween 2018. It’s about a wannabe necrophiliac who wasn’t planning to go through with his fantasies until he was kidnapped by an infamous serial killer, locked in a tiny box, and subjected to some of the most horrific torture you’ll find in any...
  27. cadaver1

    Why are people so cruel?

    I understand that different cultures eat different things. I am not against some one wanting to eat dog. BUT these cruel cunts in Asia boil them alive and burn them alive to remove the fur. I don't no why they cant just kill it like you do with every other animal then skin it. It is unnecessary...
  28. cadaver1

    cartels Los Zetas at it again. Man dismembered alive

  29. cadaver1

    Man beaten with planks of wood
  30. cadaver1

    Rapist gets stabbed int the arse.

    Rapist Having a Knife Shoved in the Asholle by Cellmates (Audio Fixed) | theYNC
  31. cadaver1

    Man gets his teeth pulled out...

    Mans Teeth Ripped Out With Pliers In Brutal Torture
  32. cadaver1

    cartels Man dismembered by cartel

    Rival Gangster Dismembered Whilst Alive
  33. cadaver1

    cartels Man dismembered alive...

    Dismemberment of Live Man with Knife by Cartel in Mexico – Best Gore
  34. cadaver1

    cartels Skinned alive

    Flaying of Sicario for CJNG Cartel of Jalisco by Los Viagras of Michoacán – Best Gore This was man skinned alive by the Los Viagras cartel....
  35. Burnt Offerings

    Dundid Sumffin

    Classic African Torture
  36. BloodxDoll

    The murder of your dreams

    We almost all dreamed of a killer, or to torture someone, go crazy, explain yourself ! The more details, the more we like it !
  37. Jon E(vil)

    Mans chest skinned while alive. Mexico.

    A member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Follows the pattern of recent killings. The video only shows the skinning, no beheading or heart removal. Best Gore
  38. eumesmo

    beating somes guys

  39. angelo212

    Brazilian Gets Fingers and Ears Cut Off

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