1. JayZee

    DARRELL BROOKS TRIAL: Waukesha Parade Massacre - Courtroom INSANITY! 🤯😬😵‍💫

    If you haven't seen any of the courtroom antics this greezy psychopath has been causing - YOU HAVE TO! Brooks is acting as his own counsel as he attempts to defends himself againat 6 life sentences for the murders he committed by running his truck through a community parade in Wisconsin in...
  2. bushybram

    bizarre Amber Heard Keeping Her Nose Clean

    In court, on the stand, blowing blow in her nose. A sly bump won't hurt, it's not like anyone's watching.
  3. punkduck

    murder Scream killers all videos are released in FULL - Murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart - Brian Lee Draper and Torey Michael Adamcik
  4. Lips_of_Anubis

    Anyone been following the Derek Chauvin trial? (George Floyd murder trial)

    I’ve been live streaming the trial on YouTube, listening at work/home/driving. i definitely have my opinions after hearing 13 days of testimony. What are yours? Do you think he murdered Floyd? I am not asking if it matters if he killed George of the Jungle, just if you think that cop is guilty...