1. Snoopdawg

    Funny Lie detector

  2. frederykruysch

    Crime Thief locked up in a bakery in Campeche (Mexico)

    A thief entered a bakery in Campeche to steal. The employee, in her nervousness, moves towards the exit and locks him in by lowering the curtain. The security camera of a bakery in the municipality of San Francisco, Campeche captured the moment in which the thief enters the establishment and...
  3. 420Daddy

    bizarre Stupid Russian Kid on Chatroulette says that Ukranians are Nazis with a Pistol in his Mouth

    Never seen more stupid Content than this without gore..
  4. Stomp

    Guy hits big then rocks civilian

    From my camera roll
  5. Stomp

    bizarre Average night in New York

    Lol thought this was funny
  6. Snor

    True Reality! Take a seat and watch.

    Message to the voting cattle:
  7. frederykruysch

    animals Dog came back home on his own after weeks missing

    This video made my day
  8. SeekingReality

    Want A Beer Lads? - Your Portable Bottle Opener. 😉

    Handy lass to have around... got good grip! 😄
  9. Lynch McCoon

    Stone Henge Gets Another Make Over

  10. Lovingit

    Dad Spends 18 Hours Setting Up Hot Tub In Living Room (Video)

    New Year's Day is a write-off for most of us; a day of nothingness, with the sole objective being to recover as much as possible before returning to work the next day. But one dad in Scotland decided to devote his first day of the decade to setting up a hot tub in his living room - and he got...