Crime Thief locked up in a bakery in Campeche (Mexico) (1 Viewer)


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A thief entered a bakery in Campeche to steal. The employee, in her nervousness, moves towards the exit and locks him in by lowering the curtain.

The security camera of a bakery in the municipality of San Francisco, Campeche captured the moment in which the thief enters the establishment and threatening the employee asks her for the money and her cell phone.

The woman crosses with him behind the counter and while he goes to the cash register, she moves towards the exit. The subject keeps talking to her, she answers, but leaves the store, closes the glass door and then lowers the curtain.

The thief trapped inside tries to lift the metal structure without success. In desperation, he goes to the back where he manages to break a glass window and get out through a vacant lot.

Fortunately, security elements managed to capture him.



So much wasted potential. A bakery with a human ingredient. Bake some treats with the ingredient and feed the street dogs. No questions, no loss. Win.


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This messican should have played payday 2 to know how to rob a place that game should have came out in messico for the Xbox 360 about 6 months ago.