1. DeathHand

    WW2 Tanks: KO'ed

    Thousands of military servicemen on all sides of World War Two lost their lives when the enemy took out their armored vehicles (tanks, half tracks, troop carriers, self propelled guns, etc). This thread will be mostly about tanks but will include other types of mobile armored vehicle. In the...
  2. DeathHand

    Remains of Dead WW2 Soldiers

    In July of 1942, German troops were on the move in the western Caucasus region of Soviet Union. The Red Army was dug in and proved difficult to dislodge. The German army was thinly spread out for miles along the battle front hoping to reach and take the oil fields in the area. The Germans...
  3. DeathHand

    WW2: Dead German Soldiers

    First off, I'd like to ask others that might have photos to add to this thread to hold off a wee bit until I get more of what I have processed and uploaded. That way we can lower the chances of reposts. That'd be great and thanks :). ----------------------------------------------- World War...
  4. PowerDrill

    German combat footage - WW2

  5. DeathHand

    WW2: Mass Graves 1945

    The corpses of female prisoners exhumed from a mass grave near Hirzenhain, Germany In March 1945, approximately 250 slave laborers, 200 of them women, were interned in a factory slave labor camp half a mile from Hirzenhain, near Buedingen. The prisoners were of mixed nationality and included...
  6. D.O.A.

    Color enhanced photo of a faceless pilot in WW2

  7. Kyuss

    WW2 Colourised Photos

    Soviet soldiers trudge through the snow in the forest near Zvenigorod, Moscow Oblast, Russia. (30km. west of Moscow) 1st of November 1941. The Soviet defensive effort frustrated Germany’s attack on the capital of the Soviet Union, and the largest Soviet city. Moscow was one of the primary...
  8. Hel

    Rainiai massacre(WW2)

  9. Airbornemama

    Orphaned London street children (WW2)...

    Who knows what happened to these little children that became orphans in London as a result of the German "blitz" on the city. Very SAD picture.
  10. R

    [FAKE] WW2 Russia hanging

    germans hanging russ. female
  11. DeathHand

    WW2: Misc. Images

    A compilation of various WW2 images from various battles, years, campaigns, etc. Thumb Set 1. 1. Anti-aircraft guns on the deck of the USS Enterprise after it took a hit. 2. Brits on Churchill tanks pass a knocked out German anti-tank gun and one of it's dead crew. Schilberg, Jan...
  12. DeathHand

    WW2: Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa, or Case Barbarossa, was the code name for Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Beginning on 22 June 1941, over 3.9 million troops of the Axis powers invaded the USSR along a 2,900 km (1,800 mi) front, the largest invasion in the history of...
  13. Msprissypants

    WW2: Concentration Camps

    First, I want to be very clear here.. Many have personal views of this particular event in this time period. It was a grime part of human history and I am posting for the historical significance ONLY. ..Nor am I looking for a "Jew" medal lol That being said, please enjoy the images.
  14. DeathHand

    WW2: Stalingrad

    Some images of the Battle of Stalingrad, WWII. Folks will have seen some of these but many will be new as they are vid grabs that I made from several videos and have not seen published as still photos. In the following sets I am not only trying to show the death and destruction of the...
  15. D.O.A.

    A few WW2 dead people

    Han solo some russians Japanese guy meets US flamethrower