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Antonio Mantovani

AKA: "The Monster of Milan"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape - Arson
Number of victims: 4
Date of murders: 1983/1996 - 1997
Date of arrest: June 1999
Date of birth: 1957
Victims profile: Carla Zacchi, 26 / Dora Vendola / Simona Carnival 26 / Cesarina De Donato, 60
Method of murder: Strangulation - Suffocation
Location: Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Status: Sentenced to 29 years in prison in 1983. Released in 1996. Sentenced to life in prison on November 12, 2001

Antonio Mantovani, who will go down in history as the "Monster of Milan", was born in Trevenzuolo (Verona) in 1957.

He had tough childhood: he was put in boarding school by her mother who did not want to take care of him just seven years, presumably this was the precipitating trauma of the future serial killer.

At just 14 years old, tries to rape a girl of 3 in 1979 and tries to rape the wife of his friend.

To find the first victim of Mantovani, we have to wait until the 'February 11, 1983, when violent and kills Carla Zacchi, 26, an employee in a newspaper and the wife of his friend. The body, stripped of his clothes, is thrown into a canal in Lucino of the Rhone, near Milan.

To trigger the murderous rampage in Mantovani was the refusal of the woman to have sex with him.

Following the murder, Mantovani was arrested and sentenced to 29 years in prison.
Unfortunately, in 1996, after serving only 13 years old, the man gets probation and returns to kill.

During the day, Mantovani spends his time working for a computer company or a small apartment he rented in Milan, where he spends most of his time in prison back only at night to sleep.

The second victim is Dora Vendola, also under surveillance, which is strangled with a rope and found in his car in Milan. It 'November 6, 1996.

Mantovani is put under investigation for this crime, but never charged.

When questioned, he admits to know Dora and reports that she received from her a rejection of a sexual advance, but denies killing her. Investigators To the explanation is not credible and Mantovani parole is revoked, leaving in fact free to strike again.

In 1997, taking advantage of the permission granted to him, Antonio kills for 2 times: Simona Carnival (March) and Carolina De Donato (in June).

Simona Carnival, hairdresser of 26 years, disappeared on the evening of March 7, 1997, after leaving his shop in Milan.

To this disappearance is also involved in the TV show "Who saw him?". It seems that Simon, the day of his death, he called home to tell his sister that would be returned later.

That was the last trace of Simona. Maybe he had a bad encounter as he walked to the subway, the street is dark and the place is not at its best. A few days before, just in the street, there was a kidnapping attempt and that is why Simon is getting a ride home from the father or the boy.

Why then was alone that day? Simona had met a guy a few days before, but he was not with her ​​on the day of his death. And 'himself to call the transmission, explaining that that day was out of Milan and he knew only superficially Simona.

At this point, family and friends begin to fear for the fate of the young hairdresser.

On 2 June 1997, is instead found the charred body of Carolina De Donato, the owner of that Mantovani has rented. The woman is in her bed, surrounded by a dozen dolls.

On March 1, 1999, Simona is still missing and "Who's seen it?" back to take care of his case. The preparation of the program receives an anonymous letter, which speaks of an assault suffered by the young underground. Following the attack, Simona would be taken away by a car.

Through television, an appeal is made ​​to the author of the letter: "If his story is true help us to discover the culprits."

On June 1, 1999, "Who did you see?" Carnival returns to take on the case, since the GIP of Milan issued an order of arrest against Mantovani, who is in prison serving his sentence dating back to 1983. The night of the murder, Mantovani was not in prison, but under surveillance.

Those who accuse him is Charles Fermi, his cellmate, who watched it on television the picture of the girl, she remembers seeing her in the company of Antonio.

Fermi recalled that on the evening of March 7, 1997 Mantovani was returned to his cell very rough and he had confessed to killing a girl. The next day had even shown the body of the young woman wrapped in a towel in the trunk of his Y10 yellow.

With further investigation it turns out that among the papers of Simona is the number of Mantovani, so the two knew each other.

During the investigation, Mantovani is also responsible for the murder of Cesarina De Donato. After the ruling, Antonio tries to escape, but in 1998 he was found and arrested.

On 12 November 2001, Mantovani is sentenced to life imprisonment, although they profess always innocent and has said sorry for the families of the victims (even bursting into tears several times during the process). To date, it is imprisoned in Opera (Milan).

Sara Di Marzio - June 2007 -

Inmate charged with murder:'' But what serial killer?''

Milan, June 2, 1999

'' But as a serial killer, this' an amazing thing'': it rejects the accusations and defends strength Antonio Mantovani, 42, the prisoner accused of killed, while in semi liberty ', a young hairdresser Cologno Monzese and also involved in the investigation the deaths of two other women.

Mantovani and 'interrogated this afternoon at the Opera prison in Milan by the magistrate Guido Salvini and the State Prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli, the magistrates who accused of murdering Simona Carnival, disappeared and never again ' found on the evening of March 7, 1997 at the end of a day of job.

The man already 'Monday' had received in prison visit judges, was willing to answer, but the interrogation was delayed to allow the defender, the lawyer Franco Gandolfi at Monza, to be present. More 'than a real interrogation, and that of today' was actually 'a long self-defense, lasted a couple of hours.

Mantovani did not want to answer the questions of the magistrate and the prosecutor and has chosen to release a large spontaneous statement, rejecting the allegations and admitting only the knowledge and attendance of Simona. '' It was a friendship clean, quiet - said the prisoner - that it 's never resulted in a courtship.'' Mantovani told how he met hairdresser, at the bar next to the cooperative where he worked from semi-free.

The inmate would then provided a series of elements to outline an alibi for that night, contradicting the version of associate justice Carlo Fermi, a former cellmate whose revelations led to the turning point in the investigation into the disappearance of hairdresser. '' E 'circumstantial investigation - said at the end questioning the lawyer Gandolfi - and the clues are really low, you actually reduce 'the statements of all incredible Fermi''.

Mantovani only today, reading the newspapers that his legal brought him in prison (where he is in solitary confinement), has discovered to have been presented as a possible serial killer.

'' It 'something that has deeply depressed - said the lawyer - but at the same time there angered by we have been told the news these days. My Customer Calls shed light on the reasons for which they been given to the press reports that do not correspond to truth '. For the death of Dora Vendola (who knew and which even today has given guidance to help the investigation of the crime) is not 'at all true that is under investigation.'' The lawyer harshly critical of the leak following the measurement supervision:'' In a civilized country - he says - is spreading ' order for custody even before the suspect has the chance 'to be heard.''

Killed woman and I simulate 'suicide, homicide discovered after 2 years

Milan, 27 Septiembre 1999

It looked like a suicide, although abnormal for the fire that had partially destroyed the corpse, but after two years, the death of a sixty and 'instead proved to be a murder. The alleged author, Antonio Mantovani, 42, a native of Trevenzuolo (Verona), already 'in prison for the death of two other women, and 'was achieved by an order of custody which strengthens the hypothesis that traits of a real serial killer.

The fake suicide 'to Cesarina De Donato, 60, found dead on the evening of June 2, 1997 in his apartment in via Santa Teresa in Milan. His body was lying in across the bed, surrounded by bottles of perfume, with remains of plastic bags on the face, partially charred. Near the body, firefighters and police found some dolls and objects that the woman - who lived only after the separation from her husband - was particularly tied.

The investigation and the autopsy had led to 'time to talk suicide: Cesarina De Donato, according to this version, would be killed smearing the body with perfume and setting himself on fire while, with bags, choked. Hypothesis that left ample room for doubt, and now the investigation the prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli, resulted in the order of the magistrate Guido Salvini, completely dismantled: it was a murder committed by Mantovani after the rejection of a sexual service.

Mantovani and in June ' was accused of killing also in 1997, when he was semi-free, a hairdresser from Milan, Simona Carnival. All ' period was held for another crime committed in 1983, to Carla Zacchi. And investigators believe that Mantovani can be traced back at least another murder (It would be the fourth) to Dora Vendola, a woman bound crime 'organized, found strangled in 1996.

Mantovani, at the time of the death of Cesarina De Donato, was occupant of the semi-free woman and lived in the apartment over her, from which disappeared the night of the murder, making himself a fugitive. His name 'was linked to the death woman's only recently, after the revelations of a inmate friend of Mantovani was possible to reconstruct the ' Simona murder of Carnival. The clearance of the cremation body of De Donato given by the prosecution - and harshly criticized Salvini by the magistrate in the order - has made ​​it difficult, after two years, investigations. But signs of a bite on the cheek (Seen from the photos taken at the time), the 'mistake of closed the door of the woman getting rid of the keys, burn marks found on the hands of Mantovani during shelter a few days after the murder (he had attempted suicide) and other evidence found by investigators, have bore out the theory of the murder disguised as suicide.

Appeal process to alleged serial killer women in Milan

Milan, 23 octubre 2001

Before the Assize Court of Appeal of Milan began today the Court of Appeal against Antonio Mantovani, 44, indicated by the press as a serial killer of women. In July last year, the man was sentenced to life imprisonment for double murder - two women murdered in three months - while on parole to serve the last part of the sentence received for a similar event: the killing in 83'' of the wife of a friend, Carla Zacchi, who was opposed to his sexual advances.

In similar circumstances would have happened the other two episodes that Mantovani must now respond with an appeal.

The first dates back to March 7, 1997 when it disappeared forever from home young hairdresser from Milan Simona Carnival, the second to 2 June, when Cesarina De Donato, 60, was strangled in bed at home, in an accommodation place upstairs than that of Mantovani. The body of the Carnival was never found, that of De Donato was burnt and charred.

To accuse Mantovani at first instance was an inmate who reported an incident in the immediacy of the murder of hairdresser, when the Mantovani would see a dead body in the trunk of the car. Both women have been killed for waste to sexual advances.

In the classroom, the defender Franco Gandolfi asked the renewal of the hearing is to make a finding of some evidence (a friend claims to have seen Simona shortly before his death while talking on the phone, while the findings through the records Telecom would not have recorded the call in that hour of that device, and a woman says he saw the Carnival in Tortona three days after the disappearance from home) and also to have a psychiatric evaluation.

The Assize Court of Appeal, presided over by Dr. Pier Camillo Passerini, rejected the demands, stating unnecessary assessment expert and updated the continuation of the process tomorrow, for the indictment of the Attorney General Ugo Dello Russo. (ANSA).

2 women killed while he was in semi liberty ': Asked life imprisonment

Milan, 24 octubre 2001

The Assistant Attorney General Ugo Dello Russo asked the sentence for Antonio Mantovani, the man accused of being a serial killer would have killed two women in 1997 when he was under surveillance while he was serving the last part of the sentence to another murder, that of the wife of a friend who did not accept his sexual advances.

Even in the first instance, on July 13 last year, Mantovani had been sentenced to the maximum penalty. The man in the first instance, it was found guilty of two murders: the hairdresser's Carnival and Cesarina Simona De Donato, whose charred body was found. According to the head of 'charge both offenses allegedly occurred because the victims would not accept the sexual demands of Mantovani, and in the classroom has however denied any wrongdoing. (ANSA).

Serial killer Milan investigated for another crime

Milan, 7 enero 2002

Antonio Mantovani, the serial killer who about two months ago in the second degree was seen confirming the life sentence for the murders of Carnival and Cesarina Simona De Donato, is formally investigated for a third murder, that of Dora Vendola, a woman linked to the organized crime in 96, while enjoying the parole, was strangled. For this murder, in December, but it is learned only today, Mantovani, in prison, and his lawyer, the lawyer. Franco Gandolfi, was served a notice of extension of the investigation. Mantovani it is suspected by the time of the murder of Dora Vendola.

The woman was found dead with a belt around his neck in a Panda parked in Viale Monza in Milan, November 6, 1996. The two murders for which man has been confirmed 'imprisonment imposed by the Court of Assize of Milan, were committed in the spring del'97 while Mantovani was in semi liberty' to serve a first conviction for murdering the wife of a friend .

Antonio Mantovani

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