Apple scammer sells bags of cornflour


These are great days we're living, bros
A swindler posing as an Apple sales representative has tricked an Adelaide man into paying $6000 for bags of corn flour and Chinese newspapers.

Police say the scammer went to a restaurant at suburban Smithfield on Monday with what appeared to be a genuine Apple identity card and offered Apple iPads and iPhones for sale at a discounted rate for a bulk purchase.

His victim inspected some genuine goods then negotiated a $6000 deal for five iPads and 10 iPhones, police said in a statement this morning.

The swindler repacked his stock into its original packaging and took it outside, saying he was going to his car for a receipt book. The fake salesman then handed over what appeared to be the identical packages and left with the money, police say.

"When he (the victim) checked the bags later, he found that they contained bags of corn flour and Chinese newspapers," police said.

The dodgy salesman had a heavy European accent, was of Mediterranean appearance aged about 30 to 35, 165 centimetres tall and with a stocky build and short brown to grey hair, police say.