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  1. defiedlight500

    Your most prolific serial killer in your opinion

    I know what Google and just the entire web says about serial killers, but I’d like to know who in your opinion is the most prolific serial killer. Feel free to post some links that I can dive into and read about.
  2. ‐YaG_ToG_GaF‐

    Serial killer Oklahoma City Butcher

    Between 1976 and 1986 an assailant known as the Oklahoma City Butcher murdered up to 3 women in the area. His victims were young homeless Native Americans who were believed to be sex workers due to the locations their remains were discovered. All women were mutilated, dismembered, and missing...
  3. ‐YaG_ToG_GaF‐

    murder The Golden Years Murders

    These murders occurred for six years from 1990 to 1996 in the west end of Richmond, Virginia. Local authorities believed them to be the work of a serial killer when up to thirteen elderly women were found murdered in similar manners. The killer targeted women in age ranges from 55 to 89 who...
  4. ZZZBen

    Murders In Ocklawaha, Florida

    I am vaguely familiar with this small town, my stepdad has land one county over and I spend every other weekend up there helping feed the chickens. This is freaky shit. Presumably gang-related? But the victims are white...
  5. DeathHand

    Brazil's Most Prolific Serial Killer Dead

    Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, March 5, 2023: Pedro Rodrigues Filho (June 17, 1954 – March 5, 2023), also known as Pedrinho Matador, Killer Lil' Pedro, Killer Killer Petey, or simply Killer Petey, was a Brazilian serial killer, spree killer, and vigilante known for pursuing and killing exclusively...
  6. Rotten Bastard

    A Serial Killer Calls a Popular Radio Show

    This case remains unresolved!
  7. dragonborn

    murder Decomposing Bodies in a Barrel

    John Edward Robinson Born December 27, 1943 Dubbed as “the Internet’s first serial killer”, John Edward Robinson, a psychopathic sexual sadist killed eight young women whom he met on the Internet to fulfill his lust as a self-proclaimed “slave master.” On June 2, 2000, Robinson was arrested...
  8. dragonborn

    murder Letter from Serial Killer and Cannibal Albert Fish

    Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish Born May 19, 1870 in Washington D.C. Died January 16, 1936 in Sing Sing Prison Grace Budd was abducted and murdered in 1928 and would remain officially missing until 1934. In November 1934, Fish sent an anonymous letter to her mother. The letter is in it's...
  9. DeathHand

    Serial Killer Released (Charles Sobhraj ~ The Serpent)

    Paris, France, Dec. 24, 2022: Convicted killer Charles Sobhraj, suspected in the deaths of at least 20 tourists around Asia in the 1970s, arrived in Paris as a free man Saturday after being released from a life sentence in a Nepal prison. It was the latest twist in a dramatic life trajectory...
  10. ‐YaG_ToG_GaF‐

    murder Alot of you know, some of you dont.

    In the film Hostel 2, there's a distinct scene of one character who is killed off in a way that's off putting to both film plots. Alot of you are probably rolling your eyes because you know what I'm referring to and what its inspired by. Many don't know which is what prompted me to create a...
  11. VileBreed

    Serial killer Why were the most sadistically depraved American serial killers all homosexuals?

    Recently finished watching Dahmer on Netflix and became interested in researching other American serial killers. What I have come to realize, at least based on my opinion and what I read so far is that the most sadistically depraved American serial killers were all homosexuals. With this being...
  12. "Captain" GhoulAgain.

    Celebrity Killer.

    So I seen something the other day that I though GG members could have fun with. Name someone famous that you believe could be a serial killer that has went undetected. Give the reasons why or anything you can think of to add to your explanation. I'm going with William Dafeo. He has that charisma...
  13. OHubbard93

    John Wayne Gacy Interview with FBI Agent Robert (Bob) Ressler

    John Wayne Gacy, convicted of 33 murders, 29 bodies discovered at his residence buried under the house crawl space & garage, and 4 dumped in the Des Plaines River. Gacy Confessed to his lawyer he was the judge, jury and executioner of many peoples lives. John displayed multiple personality...
  14. Smooby

    The Bayou Strangler

    Apparently if you live in Louisiana and kill mostly black men, the cops don't care.
  15. J.D.

    Dean Corll / Wayne Henley

    I collect original press photographs from true crime cases. Here are three from Dean Corl / Wayne Henley Houston Candyman case,
  16. momo19611

    Court Cam: Serial Killer Faints During Sentencing!

    Anthony Kirkland was indicted by a grand jury. In court Kirkland pled not guilty to the charges, but as the charges were being read, Kirkland collapsed to the ground. He was helped back to his feet and the arraignment continued. Kirkland is a registered sex offender and convicted killer. He was...

    Video & Image Request Thread

    Post your Video/Image Requests here and hopefully the members will be able to help :D
  18. Mullet_Head87

    Jack The Ripper Victims & (Some) Suspects....

  19. Dr. Jungy Brungus

    Listening to Gary Michael Hilton go on, and on (and on) about killing and other stuff.

    Also this, a movie written by Hilton:
  20. msr

    Gary Ridgway: The Green River Killer

  21. nola1sader25

    ISO Golden Gate Killer Pictures

    I have been trying to find some of the Golden Gate Killer’s crime scene photos. The few I saw were very grainy, and blurred as well. From what I could tell by searching on here is that their isn’t any Golden Gate Killer info/posts. This guy got arrested in 2018, wild shit for it take DNA samples...
  22. msr

    Creepy Serial Killer