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So the story goes the woman gets into her car, puts it into drive, but instead of going forward the car instead lifts 100 feet into the air, flies around doing backflips, flames shoot out of the air vents as a voice over the radio utters an incantation in Latin. Blood seeps through the cushions, the seat warmers get so hot they begin smoking, and the female driver growns horns and a goat's tail sprouts from the back of her pants. She decides it's time to have a mechanic look at her car. So she takes it to the mechanic who takes a look. He says the fluid levels are low due to the presence of an auto-demon and he orders a priest to expel the demon from the engine to solve the problem. The priest shows up and does the work and the demon is expelled. The woman then goes back to life as usual albeit now with two little horns on her head and a goat tail sticking out the back of her pants.


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My mother was always heavily superstitious. Absolutely everything had some kind of meaning or symbol or "Rule" to abide by moving forward in life. Always burning shit or sprinkling salt on stuff or doing rituals. THIS is the very sort of shit I'd expect her to do , bless a damn car motor to guarantee safe journey :shrug: nevermind just put oil and water in it and don't drive like a fucktard.... but NO, call a fuckin' Priest!
Those people are so hard to live with.