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beatings Ex-Jets player is caught assaulting 'ex' in front of 5-month-old son


silent ghost
Correction you never hit your woman or the women in your family, everyone else is fair game as far as I'm concerned the second they start acting like a man
it takes a bigger man to walk away from a situation like that with a woman.
its not like she hit him first.
I thought football players lived better then that
they do. but thats his ex's house. bare minimum goes to her and his kid and the rest goes to him and his boyz.


Never cared for the NFL or the players... They're a bunch of homos touching eachother. Take a close look at the next game you watch, and you will see ass slapping or some general form of faggotry. (Usually the Dallas Cowboys) Its also been a way to voice anti white propaganda by niggers who make millions of dollars but scream about poverty and racial injustices....GO BACK TO AFRICA


Luv inside of the human body
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I'll love to put my hands on the black shit nailing is head and amputated him bit by bit. And left him alive for ever.