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And entire squabble of dollar-store Karens! 😳

Why is she practically naked in the dollar tree? I mean I know they have low standards but I'm pretty sure clothing is still required
Lower standards than even Walmart. As long as there's some piece of a cloth, they don't care.

Always the smelly Basketball American or mex that's the cause of such malarkey.
Uuummmm....they're white, dude. Whiter than a pale ass hairless rat.


You Had Best Unfuck Yourself.
At least there's a really nice looking man to make up for those sloppy eye sore walruses.


We Shoulda Picked Our Own Cotton.
Mixed feelings! On one hand…love watching nasty pigs go at it. On the other hand….hate being reminded my dick isn’t nearly big enough to penetrate the girth.