Head discover in Angrignon Park in Montreal :Magnotta




Something Ironic...
So.......Exactly HOW many heads are missing in Canada? I am really shocked that after everything else this kid did to the body that he just dropped the head off in A park? I thought for SURE he was gonna use it as A bartering tool somehow to keep himself active in the news. I am disappointed in him! I for sure thought some fabulously interesting story was going to come out and AGAIN shock everyone! but NO, he drop's it off like every other lame assed murderer does. BORING! Well, at least the poor kid's family can get his head back and put his WHOLE body to rest. (If indeed it turn's out to be Jun) Maybe now this crap will settle down and go AWAY!!:tu:


Considering how often the head is never found when it comes to this shit, this is good news if that is the head of the chinese bloke.


грибной суп
Montreal police told Global News that investigators working on the Magnotta case had information leading them to the park , they discover a head , really probably the head of the victim of Magnotta.!for more information go to
http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/07/01/human-remains-montreal-angrignon-park_n_1641879.html ( english ) or http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/infos/faitsdivers/archives/2012/07/20120701-191715.html ( in french )

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