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  • Summary:
    John E. DuPont was a sports wannabe who inherited millions and bought status into the sporting world that his own physical capabilities could have never achieved. Olympic champion David Schultz, in need of financial sponsoring, lived at DuPont's wrestling camp, a decision that ultimately cost him his life.
    Personal Information:
    Born - 1938
    Birthplace - France
    Gender - Male
    Religion - Unknown
    Ethnicity - White

  • Criminal Record:
    1988 - Sexual Harassment - Lawsuit filed by Andre Metzger.
    Feb. 26, 1997 - Assault - Pointing his gun at a security consultant.
    Feb. 26, 1997 - Murder - Shot and killed Olympic wrestler David Schultz.
    DuPont's Fortune:
    John E. DuPont, great grandson of E.I. DuPont, is the heir to the Dupont fortune that was worth over $200 million. After the death of his mother in August 1988, he turned his 800-acre estate in Delaware County, Pennsylvania into a wrestling camp for professional wrestlers. DuPont was also the main benefactor of amateur wrestling in the United States during that time.
  • Paranoid Visions:

    People who spent time around DuPont described his behavior as bizarre. Throughout the years he changed from being odd to increasingly unstable. DuPont was hallucinating that the trees on his property were moving around. He also razor wired his attic because he thought people were going to break in and kill him. His ex-wife complained that during their short marriage from 1982 to 1985, DuPont accused her of being a spy and pointed guns to her head.
  • David Schultz was an Olympic champion wrestler who was living on the DuPont property. On January 6, 1996 John DuPont shot several bullets into Schultz, killing him. Reasons for his actions are still unknown.

    The Stand Off:
    After DuPont killed Schultz he barricaded himself inside his massive mansion. Police negotiated with the 56-year-old DuPont for two days. On the second day, the temperature was extremely cold so the police disabled the home's heating. DuPont exited his home to investigate what was wrong with his heater and the police were able to overcome him and take him into custody, charging him with murder.
    DuPont's Trial:
    During DuPont's trial it was determined that he was mentally ill. He was found guilty of third degree murder and sentenced to up to 30 years in prison or a mental institution; whichever best fits his mental state until he completes his sentence. He was also required to reimburse Delaware $742,107 for trial cost


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Whack job! Ugly little fucker too. If he is just nuts they should make sure he is never released. He is probably still in control of the millions left to he isn't he? Lets just hope they keep him locked up.


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I'm sure he's paying for his treatment in the nut house for the rest of his life. They'll milk him for all his cash.

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