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It's refreshing to see a society where the thrill of danger has not been banned.

I remember the 'super dangerous' log swings and round a bouts in the local parks when I was a child, and the big metal slides and the chains with rings on them you used to hold onto and run and run and run and then lift your legs up with all your other 6 year old mates and go swirling around in a dizzy mass of mass and velocity.

I remember going down a big slide with my arms by my side like superman and having a ball until I got what we now call 'ground rush' and ground my face into the wet tan bark and mud at the bottom... blood nose and cut lips ensured another lesson well learnt.

These days child hood is all about 'safety' and non binary trans sex education with the drag queen story hour providing a hint of danger...

I miss the old days...

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