Lying nun begs on behalf of unholy rape clan


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Lying nun begs on behalf of unholy rape clan

She's no angel!

For a decade, Sister Milindia has tugged on heartstrings in Little Italy. Wearing a cross, veil and nun's black habit, she approaches strangers and asks for donations, saying she's an Episcopal sister raising money for an orphanage and the homeless.

Saturday, July 17, was typical for her. She spent the day hustling along Mulberry Street's busy pedestrian plaza, ducking into Italian restaurants and thrusting her metal cup at shoppers, diners and passers-by.

"Please give money for the children of St. Joseph's," she asked a reporter seated at an outdoor table at Giovanna's Ristorante.

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Dead Meme
I like this. It has many trappings that I like: Brainwashing, enslavement, pimping women out for cash (as nuns; that's fucking clever), a cult full of killers and rapists, defrauding gullible white people, a touch of mystery....