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Kick him to the kerb let the wild life have him now he is roadkill
Imagine he's not dead but merely paralyzed from the neck down. And then the wild life start eating him, starting with his lower body and then slowly working their way up, devouring the intestines as he screams internally.

Then the police show up, pronounce him dead, and put him in a body bag, but he's really still alive and fully conscious. Then the next thing he sees is the flames of the crematory oven as he's slowly wheeled towards it, his wife standing by crying as he's pushed into the flames.

Then he wakes up, it was all just a nightmare it seems, but when he tries to stand, he realizes he can't move. It is dark. He tries to reach for the lamp on his nightstand to turn on the light but he can't move his arms. He moves his head from side to side, and that's when he realizes he's not in his bed, he's in a coffin, already sealed and buried six feet under the earth.


People Hater
I love how he thinks - there's a motorcycle stuck to my bumper, but fuck it I'll just keep driving.