Thieves rob police station (1 Viewer)


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Thieves rob police station

Thieves have robbed a newly renovated police station in South Africa, stealing everything down to the kitchen sink.

Officers from the police station in Carletonville, west of Johannesburg, had moved into a smaller building so their station could be renovated, but thieves stripped the unguarded facility bare when the renovations were almost complete, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) said last week.
“It’s a very bizarre situation,” DA police spokeswoman Dianne Kohler Barnard told AFP.

“We have a police station being robbed of everything. Stripped. It’s more than robbed. It’s absolutely gutted.”

She said the thieves had stolen toilets, cupboards, windows, doors and even the kitchen sink.

Kohler Barnard blamed the ministry of public works, which was in charge of the renovations, for failing to secure the property. The ministry’s spokesman was not immediately available for comment. Police decline to comment.


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