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About time they brought back freak shows!! I don't give a damn the context, well done Victoria Secret! Fuck yes! Never saw pelvis-less girl before! Hope they find a lobster claw girl and a vestigial tail girl to participate next! Oh oh and lizard skin girl! And third eye girl! And girl with a conjoined twin's face sticking out between her boobs, and a three-boobed girl!

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I'm conflicted... I don't know whether to have a wank or have a cry... In fact, I'm doing both righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht now. Finished.

I miss @Cassadine. He would love to see his mom being a model for the day.
There's another cretin with a relative in that show...

@the Galactic crusader look, your sister is in the line-up riding around in her love chariot.



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the retarded line, for the retards, by the retards to be the retards, victoria was better when this shit was kept a secret
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