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Put a line of spikes along the edge so no fat cunt wants to lean across it

Grand Mal Caesar

It's amazing how common this particular accident happens. A simple remedy would be to install some kind of alarm that's triggered on the ground if wheels touch it or something similar.
The best remedy is to pay attention.

A determined idiot will always find a way around the safeguards. Why give them more hoops to jump through? Just let them get it over with and then make a lesson out of it.

Every time an idiot is saved from death by some type of safety measure meant to save them from being stupid, it increases the odds of them doing something stupid in the future that will cause others to be hurt or killed. Nobody ever factors in the potential for future harm caused by saving idiots from themselves.

The next time you think that idiots need more safety, remember this... "The idiot you save today, could kill you and/or your colleagues tomorrow."


That almost looked like a planned suicide. The guy was oblivious, and everything points to him waiting on the truck. He even looked back, before the truck backed up. Something off about the video.