worst tip


These are great days we're living, bros
luckily here we don't tip people for doing a job they get paid for - like the rest of us... even if was a low wage (and it aint) well then they should just... get a real jeerb

hey that guy was right


Patient goes beep beep beeeeeeeeeep
I tip them only if they provide good service. Only reason for that is because I do appreciate that their parents didn't do a shitload of drugs and make them a fucktard and they were able nice and knowledgeable about their service.
I should also note that the only time I go out to a place that does that is for special occasions and since they helped make the time great, I'll tip them. If not, I get their manager there and raise hell and then discredit the company on many sites under various aliases (and I basically tell the manager that this is what will happen....just I replace aliases with 'friends').