1. PinkParasite

    Have some of my weeby gore art

    I also have a patreon where I post my newer stuff if you guys wanna check that out PinkParasite is creating Gore, Guro, and Snuff Art | Patreon Thanks for looking! <3
  2. Burnt Offerings

    The Poetry of Graziani

    "Untitled" Dont hurt female ass You must cherish all women asses Pepe what are you doing awake? Go to bed!! Woman, take your panties off. Let me see your pussy very well Wonderful sex tunneĺ. our Ass have microshit, milishit, nanoshit. Girl let me fondle your pillow tits.
  3. Vasto7

    My cursed pictures

    Some of my cursed,haunted images i drew whit my own cursed blood,and scythe sword i made named Desanguinator. Heres a poem too... You always have looked soo beautiful in red,that you fill my heart whit lust and dread.I think those words have to be said,because my favorite colour have always...
  4. Hel

    Woodcuts by John Andreas Savio(1902-1938)

    John Savio - Wikipedia
  5. reigndelacore

    The price they pay

    I love ballet. I trained as a child but was injured so many times my mother yanked me out saying, "If that's the price they have to pay in the name of art..." I was mad but grew up to be a curvey 5'9" teen with big boobs, yeah I'd have never made it. But I still love it. It is insane what world...
  6. torgeir

    A selection of my paintings

    " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " This is a selection of my paintings for the last 3 years
  7. Graziani

    Malcon Liepke art

  8. Graziani

    Roberto Ferri art


    Rosaleen Norton/ The Witch of Kings Cross

    Rosaleen Norton (1917-1979) was an Australian Artist, Trance occultist and self-styled witch. Known as The Black Witch of Kings Cross.Expelled from the Church of England Girls' School, Chatswood at the age of 14 for producing 'depraved' drawings of vampires, ghouls and werewolves thought likely...
  10. semen

    Guro Thread

    ITT we share our guro favorites. The last guro thread was started by a guy with a thing for loli and it was only downhill from there. Let's try it again, but this time please no bannings. Reminder: Here are the site Rules & Guidelines. Regarding Rule 5, DOA said that post #13 of this thread...
  11. Firegoddess420

    Awesome Street Art

    I love Street art .. Beautiful expression... #2-Artists: Mentalgassi City: Berlin