1. Lord Gutsy

    Warning:Children Little dude attacked by monkeys
  2. toxicologist

    bizarre Police officer has panic attack

  3. Monkman777

    animals Let The Big Dog Show Ya How It's Done

  4. Lord Gutsy

    animals Pitbull attacking owner
  5. Lord Gutsy

    disaster Usa - shark fucked her up
  6. Lord Gutsy

    fights Well he got what he wanted, a hit to the fucking head !!

    China - dumbass
  7. lovestruck

    beatings Their pet turns on them

  8. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Brother stabbing brother

    Tragedy: Brother kills brother in the center of Macarani A barbaric crime was recorded this Monday, 24th, in Macarani. One brother killed the other in the center of the city. According to information gathered by the Sena Blog, the brothers were drinking alcohol when they started arguing. At...
  9. Monkman777

    animals Doggo Takes Protection Training Seriously

  10. Lord Gutsy

    animals He just wanted to play

  11. Lord Gutsy

    Warning:Children Kangaroo just wanted to play with her
  12. Lord Gutsy

    Funny Chink attacking officer

  13. Monkman777

    Warning:Children Don't Step On Me

  14. Monkman777

    disaster Aww The Doggies Want To Play

  15. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Angry dude with axe
  16. Bethy πŸ”₯

    fights Drunk Guy Attacked Priest

  17. Monkman777

    animals Cub Mistakes Another For Momma

  18. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Bull at the beach

  19. Lord Gutsy

    animals Little guys attacking chink

  20. Bethy πŸ”₯

    animals Warning Dog Attacks Neighbor

  21. Lord Gutsy

    animals The most dangerous cow in india

    The harassment of stray cattle on the roads of Gujarat is still not abating, four to five pedestrians have been taken under treatment in Chali area of Kumbharwada Mill in Bhavnagar, while an elderly person has been shifted to a private hospital for further treatment.
  22. Lord Gutsy

    animals Pandas just wanted to play

    China - pandas attack a zookeeper
  23. Lord Gutsy

    animals Doggo didn't like chinky

    China - good boy
  24. Eric Blair

    🌲🐱One Dead After Pussy Attacks Hunters in Northern CA Woods 🐱 🌲

    Pussy can kill, and it did so in California a few weeks ago. Two brothers were hunting in the Northern California woods when a pussy striked, in the mountain lion variety. One brother is dead but the other survived. Local News ABC10: Unfortunately the beautiful yet ferocious puss was put...
  25. MrAspecty

    War 40 dead defenders after an attempt to reach Belogrod

    Crazy ...
  26. MrAspecty

    War Destroyed Swedish Leopard in Ukraine

    Not sure of the exact model, but all i see is a Leopard. This was taken on March 27th, late I know, but better late then never.
  27. Donkeyd

    Serious Iran has launched drones and missiles on Israel

    Swarm of drones pictured over Iraq heading to Israel
  28. Lord Gutsy

    animals Boar Vs Chink

  29. Monkman777

    animals Should've Run Lady

  30. Lord Gutsy

    Warning:Children Doggo wanted some curry


    fights a postman attacked in california

  32. LittleJohn

    Crime Lt. Worf’s Sister

    I see the similarities.
  33. Donkeyd

    animals Warning Man attacks dog and gets his ass beat

  34. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Palestinian got smoked
  35. Monkman777

    disaster Doggos Wanted To Eat Her



  37. Lord Gutsy

    animals That's One Angry Fucking Boar

  38. Donkeyd

    Crime Owners dog protects him from being robbed

  39. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Crime Guess Thats One Way To Stop A Fight

  40. Monkman777

    Warning:Children Coyo Attacks Kiddo

  41. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Warning:Children Kiddo Attacked By Pack Of Dogs

  42. Bethy πŸ”₯

    fights Nigging Out

  43. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Crime They Dont Fuck Around In Russia

    In the Moscow region, a migrant attacked a woman with a knife - the man thought she insulted his wife A 32-year-old visitor from Uzbekistan was standing with his wife near a cafe. A lady walked by and said something under her breath. The foreign specialist heard a curse in their direction...
  44. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Crime Hammer Time πŸ”¨πŸ”¨

  45. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Warning:Children Warning Dog Attacks Lil One

  46. Ginjabread man

    Crime Knife attack in the back in Jerusalem

  47. Sgt.Stupid

    beatings Attack at the ATM

    I prefer the first victim 😍
  48. Monkman777

    animals Who Dat!!!

  49. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Crime Ill Just Let You Stab Me

    He’s gotta be in shock..
  50. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Brutal Attack